Basho Favorites


darkness of night
lost from its nest
cry of the plover


As I am getting older and changing as a writer and as an artist, I like some poems more than I used to. As I flip through my Basho poetry book I find myself wondering why I didn’t write down certain poems as favorites six years ago. But I was a very different person 6 years ago. Click on the category “Basho Poetry” to see more of my favorites by the master poet.

supermoon rising,big moon,full moon,bright moon,


Basho in Darkness

folly in darkness
grasping a thorn
instead of a firefly


I think we have all had this experience. Use the share button to share the master poet’s work.

supermoon rising,big moon,full moon,


No Blossom

moonflower plant,full bloom,blossoms,moonflowers at night time,

no blossom
on the moonflower vine
all is darkness

So things continue to be crazy. We are now 8 months into the year, and I cannot wait for December to get here. I made it 29 years without breaking a bone, but I broke one on the 10th. I broke my pinky toe.

And I know what most of you are thinking: It’s just a toe and the doctors can’t do anything for you. Just wear your flip-flops until you feel better.

Well, if you know about my foot and leg, you might realize that it is not that easy. And yes, it was the toe on my left foot. The foot on which I have had surgery. If you have not read through my testimony page, I will try to sum it up for you. I am missing some muscles in my left foot and my left leg. My left leg is also 1/4 inch shorter than my right left, so I have to insert a rubber lift into my left shoe. That shoe cannot be a high heel because I don’t really have an ankle so I can’t keep shoes like that on my feet. I also have limited movement in that ankle/foot. When the doctors cut the foot to move a large muscle, those cuts severed some nerves. The top of my foot in front of my toes, and the tops of my toes are numb. But they still have some feeling! Although I almost walk in a normal fashion (which was the point of the surgery) I cannot flex my toes up, and my left foot doesn’t flex all the way up.

I cannot wear flip-flops or any open shoe because the lift falls out, and shoes like that usually fall off of my left foot. Then my back works itself out-of-place and puts me in pain. Even though I wear my lift in appropriate shoes (sneakers) 95% of the time, my back still works itself out-of-place. Then the domino effect happens: my rib heads twist and my pelvic bones twist, and after they are all inflamed, my neck vertebrae will work themselves out-of-place and give me major headaches. I do Pilates and stretches in an effort to keep my muscles strong and everything in place, but I still have problems.

Anyway, I managed to break my pinky toe by stubbing it on the wheel of a roll-y chair. I was home sick from work, with a fever. So I took some cold medicine that always makes me nauseous and dizzy. I figured since I was going to be home, it was okay to feel that yucky. I got up to walk back to my bedroom for a ponytail holder, and as I was walking past the computer chair to step into the hallway, I hit my toe on the chair. Also, the day before I had to have blood drawn for a test so I was extra weak from that. Yeah, it’s been a fantastic week.

This occasion was all the more ludicrous because the 10th of August marked the 11th year of my husband and I being together. Our Wedding Anniversary is in July, but we have now been “together” for 11 years. I spent the day in bed, and my husband spent the day entertaining our son in the living room and bringing me stuff. I promised him that next year would be better.

Today is the 5th Anniversary of me blogging. I promise to try to do better next year. Stick with me and we’ll see how I do.

Swallowing Shadows


Swallowing Shadows

my light comes
from inside of me
so I can swallow shadows
that threaten to take
the day away
I fear no darkness
when the keeper
of light is a spirit
who burns within me


This short poem was inspired by #orjay number 923.

I am getting near the end of my micro/small stones poetry for this year. I thought about sharing my tanka with you. I have written a lot of it that I haven’t shared. Since I posted all of my recent poetry, I thought it might be fun to go back and show you the poems I wrote as a teenager. Leave me a comment and tell me which one you want me to do!

Flowing Like Lava

water tower in the midwest,midwestern sky,evening in the midwest,
Darkness Wants Me

The darkness wants me
It whispers like a fire
Crackling and cackling
Flowing like lava
But it is darkness
And a single flame
Pushes it back

This was inspired by an #ntitle writing prompt on Twitter.

The Dark Hours

moon behind the clouds, luna, full moon, moon on a cloudy night

The Dark Hours
are supposed to come
between dusk and dawn
but sometimes they
roll in early
or stay too late
like a bad house guest.

This was written for a Heart Soup prompt found on Twitter. To see more micropoetry follow me and other poets on Twitter. There are a lot of us if you look through the hashtags.

Of Larger Darknesses

Here is a poem by Emily that starts out dark, but ends in hope. She writes beautifully about hope.
Don’t you think?


# 419

We grow accustomed to the Dark –
When Light is put away –
As when the Neighbor holds the Lamp
To witness her Goodbye –
A Moment – We uncertain step
For newness of the night –
Then – fit our Vision to the Dark –
And meet the Road – erect –
And so of larger – Darknesses –
Those Evenings of the Brain –
When not a Moon disclose a sign –
Or Star – come out – within –
The Bravest – grope a little –
And sometimes hit a Tree
Directly in the Forehead –
But as they learn to see –
Either the Darkness alters –
Or something in the sight
Adjusts itself to Midnight –
And Life steps almost straight.

Walking on Wandering Wednesday

pea ridge arkansas, path, foot path

Walking the Path

I am seeking Your glory Lord

I am seeking to find

Your way, Your will, Your path for me

I seek Your face and Your holiness

I seek the better way

For thus far my path has been fraught

With thistles thorns, puddles and plagues

I have slipped into deep dark holes

Only to find my way back out by Your light

Your shining light, ever breaking through the darkness

As I sat wet, cold and shivering

Your fire came into my soul

And lit me up

I was warm, comforted and unafraid

I found a rock, a solid place on which to stand

The demons of the night bother me no more

You have closed my ears to their cries

I am filled with Your love for me

And I will trample the scorpions

Onward I go until I meet my journey’s end



I’m seeking the path that the Lord would have me follow. I think I’ve found it for now. How are you doing?

A compassionate quote.

Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity. –Pema Chödrön

How often are you honest with people about your mistakes and faults?

How often do you show them the real you?

the dawn

the sun coming up


darkness hides many

sins we would pretend away

but dawn finds traces

What did the dawn reveal to you this morning?

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How fragile is the human soul ~Wandering Wednesday~

clouds and trees


How Darkness Takes Its Toll


How fragile is the human soul

And how darkness takes its toll

Coming in and breaking

Oh how our knees are shaking

Running and worrying

Down this path we are hurrying

Falling down and scraping knees

Someone take my hand please

Stumbling and tripping

Away I feel myself slipping

So small so weak

I can barely speak

Pray for light pray for peace

When will all of this cease

Do you ever feel like this?