PAD Challenge Day 8

When Friends Become Sisters
red blood does not bind
rings don’t make us kind
just a contract signed
not of the same mind
friendship realigned
sister reassigned
my wing



So I think I might have kind of cheated to get this one to make sense. I know some people just throw a rhyming word in there that technically works, but I try to use words that regular people would use and understand. I was going to make the last word in this poem “heading” because it would have rhymed really well, but I didn’t know if I would get my meaning across.

And before you say “it doesn’t have to rhyme” yes it does, this is supposed to be a French poem called a lai. Lines 3, 6, and 9 are supposed to be 2 syllables long and rhyme. The other lines are supposed to have 5 syllables and rhyme.

I am trying to say that our friends often become our sisters and I think God gives us best friends that we can vent our true feelings to. I think some people get assigned to our family without becoming family. Often the people I text first, the people I really trust, are not technically family.


Which ending do you like? Tell me in the comments.

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FF| How The West Was Built

Hey guys, I went a smidge over the 100-word limit but I couldn’t help myself. My writing has faltered and I’m trying to get myself back in the game. Comments are welcome on this piece! Just remember you shouldn’t type anything into a comment box that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Also, visit the other Friday Fictioneer Writers. They’re all pretty amazing.
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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

   Nineteen and already a widow. With no parents to guide her, she did her best for her siblings. The men would spend the first months building houses, barns, and the general store. The church could wait.
  It would get built because the women would insist on it. Men liked to take credit for building these United States, but it was women running the general stores, the inns, and even the brothels. The west was not a bunch of cowboys building towns inhabited by gunslingers.
  The neighbors asked Jael not to pull out, to not take the children into the wilderness. But she could see civilization coming over the prairie like calmness comes over a broke colt.

The Seasons are Short

putting extra cheese
on the lasagna at dinner
the seasons are short


I would encourage you all to use extra cheese, wear your best dress, burn the good candles, and let your kid be messy for a day. Life is too short to save the good stuff for later. Life is too short to be angry or controlling all the time. Take the time to visit that friend or older family member that you haven’t seen in a while, you will thank yourself later.

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Half a V of Geese

half a V of geese
half the day’s work done
deep in summer


We are deep in summer. I’ve enjoyed mine, I hope that you have enjoyed yours. My family had some fun, and now we’re preparing to go back to school. School is fun and holds many adventures, but summer is better.

goose on a lake,goose resting,goose cleaning itself,canadian goose,

Summer Night Haiku

moon slowly enters
giving our family
a long summer night


Are you enjoying the summer nights with your family?

heart shaped moon,blurred photo,nighttime photography,night time shoot,full moon,

The moon blurred into a heart when I took the photo.

Flock of Birds

despite the chaos
we still have fun together
a loud flock of birds

This poem was inspired by a #writtenriver prompt which you can find on Twitter. I keep waiting for life to calm down and get in a rhythm. I like rhythms, I like routine with short bouts of crazy. But the last two years have been crazy with bouts of routine. I don’t know if life will get calmer, but I am enjoying it. I am enjoying my son and my husband and doing life with people in my community. 

flock of birds,birds feeding,penguin,zoo,

Love Exemplified

the dog nurses
a pup that is not hers
love exemplified

February 14, 2017

I wrote this during National Haiku Writing Month, but didn’t feel like sharing it on Valentine’s Day. There are many different kinds of love.

rose blooming,rose bud unfolding,red rose bloom,

Hot Haiku

does he have mine
or is it his dad’s temper
nuclear family

February 2015


This picture is proof that I can do Pinterest projects and that Facebook is not a total waste of time. Do you ever argue with your spouse about where your child gets certain traits? Sometimes my husband and I can’t decide who he gets his characteristics from because my husband and I have similar temperaments. 


FF | Traveling Home

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers who write 100-word stories after being inspired by a photo posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The photos are taken by other Friday Fictioneers. It is not a closed group, you can join in by adding your link to the blue frog linkup on Rochelle’s page. We are allowed to use the photo in our post and encouraged to leave each other comments. I write my story before I read any of the other writers’ creations, although I do often read Rochelle’s post before I write mine since it is right under the photo of the week. This week’s story is 100 words long. It is also a happy story. I decided to really push myself and write about something happy.

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Traveling Home

“We’re getting close, don’t fall asleep.”
“How close?” Jerri was anxious to see their new home.
“50 miles. This is the part of the country we’re going to live in.”
Officer Tony was excited. He had traveled out here by plane and bought a two-story home for his new bride.
“These little towns are so quaint. I really like the atmosphere though. Everyone is so nice.”
“I promise you’ll enjoy living here. My grandmother always wanted to return, she said it was like living in Mayberry.”
“As long as you don’t widow me like Aunt Bee, we’ll be just fine.”

9 Months through this year.

fog,early morning,trees,bushes,black and white photo,

In the 9th month of 2016, a childhood friend of mine died. She was the first of my Graduating Class to pass away. This is the year we are all turning 30. She was one of the people that went to school with me from kindergarten to 12th grade. I suppose I should be grateful it took this long for someone from our class to pass away, but it is still sad. It was very sudden and very sad. Life continues to knock me off of my feet in a new and horrible way every month.

My toe still really hurts but at least I can walk with regular shoes on now. I am still using the boot thing throughout the day at work. It protects me better. I am hoping that I will not have any pain by next week.

tall purple flame phlox

only flower seen at night

burn bright


This year has been hard in every aspect. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. At work, at home, at church. I have had road blocks and obstacles on every path, every day. I understand why God gave me the verse “He will not fear bad news;” as the verse to lean on this year. I have had to pray over that verse and say it out loud almost every day this year.

But I am still here and I am bound and determined to work hard for my family and do a good job at work. I am bound and determined to do a good job at church. I am bound and determined to be a good wife and a good mom. My 7-year-old son still wants to hold my hand when we walk into school so I guess I am doing a few things right.

Day 27

crackers with soup
warmth on a cold winter’s night
family dinner

Be sure to stop by the Facebook page where most of us haiku poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. There are a lot of really good and unique poems on that page. Today’s prompt was “zwieback” which is a type of hard cracker or bread. I will eat soup year ’round but some people only like soup when it’s cold. How about you?

bouquet of carnations,carnation flower,pink and white carnation,still life,

Day 14 of NaHaiWriMo on Failing at Haiku

a wilting flower
still has colorful petals
sick together

We are halfway through National Haiku Writing Month! I hope you have been able to write some poems. Feel free to share your poetry in my comments section below!I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day! I have been sick for the past week, but I am feeling much better today. My son is sick today, but we are together and enjoying Valentine’s Day. We (my husband, son, and I) got each other candy and chocolate and now we’re going to watch movies together, which is one of our favorite activities as a family. My husband took me to a play last night for my birthday. This morning, my actual birthday, he gave me a season of one of my favorite television shows that is no longer on t.v. In Plain Sight.
If you are unsure of the rules/definition/form of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page.
Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page where most of us haiku poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. Today’s prompt is “zinc”. Zinc is a metal, but it is a metal that we have to have in our bodies to be healthy. Our bodies are weird.
Even if you don’t write haiku, or even if it isn’t your favorite type of poetry, please consider sharing your friends’ and favorite bloggers’ work this month. Check out the hashtag #NaHaiWriMo on Twitter and Facebook.
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