Looking for Daylilies

found irises while
looking for daylilies


Yesterday I saw something that made me really happy! One of my surprise lilies finally bloomed! I barely watered my flowerbed this year, usually, I soak it 4 times a week. Maybe I have been overwatering some of my flowers?? The pink “naked lady” or “surprise lily” is not pictured. I thought they bloomed at the start of summer, but I guess I got a late bloomer! Also, daylilies and irises are two different flowers.

flowers,spring flower,shoots,iris,


Haiku in my flowerbed.

in my flowerbed

I want some bleeding hearts

but no one listens to me


I could have sworn I already posted this haiku, but apparently not. I might start sharing Louis L’Amour’s poetry in March. He didn’t write a lot, but what he did write was great. Who wants to read some L’Amour?  Leave me a comment below!

A Haiku in the Weeds.

a cluster of weeds
at the edges of spaces
I thought I had cleared


I hope your week is short and awesome. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, in case you don’t hear from me until after. This may be my only post for this week.

Grass Grows Long

lucifer flowers,lucifer blooms,purple flame phlox,morning glory hosta,

grass grows long
flowers spread across flowerbed
school will be out soon

I wrote this 13 months ago.

Also, something really weird happened on my computer. I take a lot of photos specifically for my blog. I organize them in folders, such as flowers, people, animals, et Cetera. Well, a couple of weeks ago while I was organizing new photos into my folders, my people folder just disappeared. I tried hitting “undo” but it still didn’t show up. When I was creating this post last week I noticed there were photos in my folders that I have already used on my blog. Usually, when I use a photo, I put it in the “already used” folder so that you guys never see the same photo twice. Well, things are all mixed up now, and I literally do not have the time to sort them, or to take more photos. So you might see familiar photos for a month or so. I will try to pick pretty ones, I hope you all aren’t too bored and continue to take the time to read my work.

Cutting Haiku

red roses fully bloomed,red rose bush, small rose bush,

in the small bed
the flowers grow together
without cutting each other


I hope you have a good week! Try not to do damage to anyone.


Spring Haiku

red buds on a sapling,tree budding out,spring,tree in flowerbed,sapling in flowerbed,

leaves leave the flowerbed
noisily like running children
empty spring nursery

How is your spring going? Has the wind blown​ the old leaves away? Do you have any flowers coming up or will you have to go buy some for your yard? Yeah, I know spring happened a while back. It’s been a REALLY rough month. So I gave you two haiku today.

Haiku in the Stillness

leaves shaken from trees
leaves blown from flowerbed
now the wind is still


In the stillness you can hear so much. I hope you get a moment of stillness this week. I hope you take a moment to be still today and hear what there is to hear.

daffodils budding out,spring flowers,freshly planted flowers,

Pulling Weeds on Day 20 of #NaPoWriMo

child in flowerbed,kid in flowers,flowerbed in the spring

Once again, today’s challenge was hard for me. I wanted to stick to a theme this year by writing a tanka or a cinquain every day, but I have had to use haiku a few times. Since today we are supposed to start by picking a title, I cannot do a haiku because haiku do not have titles. Tanka and cinquain are supposed to have a one-word title that acts as a 6th line. But today I am not feeling the free verse, so I am going to write a tanka with a long title. What do you think?
  My flowerbed, the stress reliever.
when problems pop up
jump into the flowerbed
rip up weeds until
the stress of today’s problem
is buried beneath the dirt

Triage on Day 11 of #NaPoWriMo

dianthus star mound,golden rain forest tree sapling,phlox,flowerbed with statues

How my flowerbed looked last June.


choosing which plants

to kill and which to keep

flowerbed triage

I worked in the flowerbed today. I had to pull up little seedlings. If I don’t stop some of the more robust plants from spreading then my smaller flowers that don’t grow as well get overtaken. I have also been having to do triage with prompts. There are hundreds, possibly a thousand, prompts on Twitter. With summer coming, I don’t have time to write a poem for them all even though I would like to. On April 9th I wrote for several prompts on Twitter. So far this month I have written 27 poems. How many poems have you written this month?

Phlox Haiku

pruning the phlox
nervously with big shears
February morning

phlox, purple flame tall phlox, golden rain forest tree, summer flowers


This is what I have been doing lately: pruning my phlox and crepe myrtle and hoping that they will come back stronger this year and not weaker. The picture above shows how crazy my purple flame (tall) phlox went last season.

The haiku above was written for day 3 of National Haiku Writing Month 2015, which is the month of February.

pink crepe myrtle, summer bush, shrub, summer shrubs

What have you been doing with your flowers, or what have you been doing outside of your house this month?

crepe mertyle seed pod bud

As Winter Crept Her Way

boy holding mulch

as winter crept her way

she stood firm throwing down mulch

determined to keep her plants safe

What are you doing to prepare for the winter season?


no flowers in pot

flowerbed burnt up
every rose needs shade and rest
all day in the sun
is too much sun, too much work
that’s why there’s no midnight sun

What steps are you taking to make sure that you get the rest that you need?