Day 24 NaHaiWriMo 2017

flower bud

the frost kills it

hope delayed

Today’s prompt was “in short” and we were supposed to write a minimal haiku. I can do sad well, so I did a short haiku about being sad. My hormones are messed up right now and the dreary days make me sad.

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Symanntha Renn


What they don’t tell you.

do not enter,stop sign,sign on chain link fence,

Muted Choices

They’ll tell you
that the world is yours
that you can be anything
and go anywhere
they don’t tell you
some of the choices
are muted

I tweeted this after seeing an #orjay prompt about muted choices. I thought wow – that is so true, some choices get muted. Some things are hard to hear and therefore hard to find. Sometimes it is implied that certain things aren’t for us.

I didn’t think this poem was dark enough to go in the Dark Poems category, what do you think?

Speaking of choices –
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An Observation.

Ralph’s Observation: It is a mistake to allow any mechanical object to realize you are in a hurry.

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