Cinquain Sleep

moonflower on the vine,moonflower opened,moonflower blossom,moonflower vine, 

Deep rest,
sometimes it is
elusive, makes you feel
brand new, like you have hit reset,



I wrote this poem for #5prompt on Twitter and then saved it and forgot about it. It is a cinquain. I am loving five line types of poetry more and more. What is your favorite form of poetry? How many lines do you like a poem to have?


PAD Challenge Day 26

  The Drugs Don’t Work
I took the pills
but it didn’t cure my ills
life gave me chills 
one too many thrills
your love for me spills
over and I can climb the hills
it may not pay the bills
but your love cured my ills
  April 26, 2018
poetry month photo for public use

photo curtesy of

I skipped Day 25, I just was not feeling the prompt and wanted to write. This is a monorhyme poem. The end word must rhyme in every line. Once again, my love poems are not like everyone else’s. But I love my husband and I am very thankful for him. The prompt was to write about some kind of relationship.

PAD Challenge Day 13

grasshopper, metal bird, bird statue


birds search the mowed lawn for insects to eat
it’s easier to search when
someone does half the work

So I was looking through Robert Brewer’s list of forms for poets since he is the prompter for Poem A Day at Writer’s Digest. I found a couple different types of haiku and tanka. They aren’t called that, but basically, people took out some of the rules, or added the acceptable amount of syllables and renamed it. I had thought about trying all of them, but after 5+ years of trying to write haiku correctly, I don’t know if I can do it.

Today’s prompt was to write a poem about insects. Instead of choosing one, I just wrote about them generally. I also wrote a kimo which is an Israeli haiku. The poem focuses on one moment and does not have any rhyming. Haiku need to have fewer than 17 syllables, with the lines being short/long/short. The kimo is a descending poem with 10 syllables in the first line, 7 in the next, and then 6 in the last line. It was awkward writing it and that is how I know I don’t want to try the other forms.

Acrostic Friday #5

This is the bloom of a Lucifer flower. One of my favorites.


Really wanting
Eventful things to happen
Sin singing a song
To my heart
Lies forming
Energy building up
Somewhere to be
Someone to see


What do you do when you get restless?


Gone in reverse Nonet


The looks

That sizzle

Looks of longing

The fire is cold

Didn’t I catch your eye

Do you know I cried last night

Our fire died down to a coal

You walk by like we never were, Gone

The nights that never were, I watch them pass….


Once again I wanted to give you guys a break from haiku, and show you a different style of poetry.  I wrote a poem called “Gone” when I was in the 8th grade.  It had something, but needed some work.  I couldn’t figure out which line to change.  I put it into nonet form hoping it would sound more mature and that it would finally have that emotion I originally wanted it to have.

I have done this with several of my poems, but I keep the original poem (usually handwritten) and put the newer version in front of it.  I keep all of my poems in a big binder, in plastic sleeves, as well as keeping them in a USB.