Day 6 NaHaiWriMo 2018

Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,

my moment of zen
cutting things so they look fresh
new hairstyle

Today’s prompt was “cutting the lawn” which is something I enjoy. I have already written a poem about it and so I tried to not duplicate it.

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Green Smeared Haiku

boy holding mulch

earth-stained hands
green smeared into swirls
does this make me one with the earth




A Haiku in the Weeds.

a cluster of weeds
at the edges of spaces
I thought I had cleared


I hope your week is short and awesome. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, in case you don’t hear from me until after. This may be my only post for this week.

Black Haiku

b&w photography,seedlings,sprouts,

my black shoes
covered in black dirt
my black mood gone

Gardening or pruning my trees always makes me feel better. It also inspires my poetry, and sometimes I hear from God when working with my flowers. What happens to you when you work in the garden or flowerbed?

Tanka Dust


putting my hands
in black wet messy dirt
is better than putting
my heart in the public’s hands
where they can grind it to dust

I wrote this for a prompt I saw on Twitter. I think it is pretty self-explanatory. Gardening is therapeutic. I really suggest that everyone try it. You can get a small container and try something easy.
dirt in flower pot, sprouts in dirt

Speaking of putting your heart in the public’s hands: I helped a friend get started blogging! She started a blog last week and she has some posts up at Deb’s Bees and Berries. I think that blogging is good for a person’s soul. I think that it is an excellent way to express yourself and examine your life. She is going to write about her adventures in farming strawberries and owning a hive of bees. Please stop by and give her some encouragement, it would mean so much to me.

Transplanted Haiku

cannas flower,flower died back,cannas flower in the fall,

transplanted cannas
dirt from mom’s backyard
mixes with my dirt

I transplanted some flowers from my mom’s yard to mine. I tried to keep the dirt that they had been growing in for the last several years around them since that is what they are used to. They are sprouting now, I hope they bloom this year. Are there any flowers you are wanting to see bloom in your yard this year?

Thinning on Day 19 of #NaPoWriMo

purple flame phlox,lucifer flowers,crabapple tree,flowerbed


the saplings have to

be pruned, the flowers need to

be weeded and thinned

by the gardener, the only

authority known by them

Here is my poem for day 19 of the PAD Challenge. It had to be about authority. Did you write for day 19?

I wish I could buy wisdom.

smoke froma candle, whisp of smoke

I wish I could buy wisdom
I wish I could put it in a dish
and serve it to friends.
Alas it is as shapeless
as virtue and smoke
gone with gentle breathing


Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt asks What knowledge do you have that others don’t? Well that depends on the subject. I have a lot of knowledge that others don’t have. I know how morning glory vines twist up a trellis, I know how to make hollyhocks grow, but I don’t know how to keep rabbits away from my trees and bushes. I don’t know how to split an atom, but I can crack an egg without getting any shell in the batter. I can also use the shell to separate the yolk and the white without breaking the yolk. I know the difference between a senryu and a haiku, but I don’t know how to speak Japanese. I can make a pizza from scratch if I buy a kit from the store, but I don’t know if that is considered “from scratch.”

Today’s poem was first written on Twitter after I read a prompt from #Orjay. Do you write poems on Twitter?

marigold haiku

red and yellow marigold flower

marigold flower
supposed to be annual
but it blooms again


I was told two years ago that the marigolds I got in my planter would not produce plants for the next year. And yet I had them popping up everywhere. So I spread the seeds that those flowers produced and I have marigolds again this year.

Have you ever had a flower surprise you?