Today with Basho

today is the day
people grow older
first wintry shower


Some days do feel like the age you more than others. I share haiku from the master poet on Thursdays. Right now I am trying to share one of my haiku every day since it is National Haiku Writing Month.

snow fall,fresh snow,morning,sunrise on snow,snowy ground,


Watching the Clock

Here is one of my longer poems. I will mostly share haiku this month.

over sized clock,clock made of flowers,big clock,

  Watching the Clock

How many hours do we spend watching
the steel hands sweep the face of time?
Praying for them to speed up
then days later wishing they’d slow down.
At some point in time you realize:
Watching the clock makes time go slower.
So you try to stop counting the minutes.
Then you wonder, When did I get crows feet?
When did I start calling the kids
begging them to come over?
Wasn’t it just yesterday
that I was pushing them out the door to play?
When laying in a hospital bed
you would almost swear that the nurses
turn back the clock when you’re not looking.
And the sluggish pace of the hands
are more painful than the IV in your arm.
But if you’re enjoying an Italian dinner
the minutes fly by like wine from a tipped glass.
Sitting in a rocking chair with a baby,
who has been crying for hours,
makes the minutes creep.
You encourage the big hand to touch the 6
so that your husband will be home to help.
When friends are over for a bar-b-que
the hands laugh their way past time to go.
The clock is a bi-polar warden,
and we are at his mercy.

Salt and Pepper Haiku

opening presents
winter morning
salt and pepper
husband’s beard trimmings

This haiku is about not anything difficult; it just happened to be a winter morning when I realized my husband’s goatee was as much white as it was black.


Learn, Live, Hope

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The important thing is not to stop questioning. –Albert Einstein


 Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?

I do not necessarily enjoy it, but I don’t fight it. I become wiser with each year and more accomplished. I gain friends and experiences and I would not go back to being a teenager for anything! I might like to try being a kid again, but being an adult is fun if you do it right. To read about the religious parts of my life go here. I do things like buy creams to keep myself looking my age (and not older), but I’m okay with the fact that I look 27 and not younger. For most of my life I looked about 5 years younger than I was, but there was about a week in my life where I realized I looked my age and I had to accept that. I don’t cry when I have a birthday or lie about my age.