what the doctor won’t say
trying to identify this spider
no name given


My headache went away and I got today’s haiku written. It’s not been an easy six months – my husband is still in pain and the doctors still can’t give us a diagnosis. Please don’t comment below with “have you tried this?” Yes, yes we have, including herbs. If you want to leave me a comment, tell me if this haiku made sense to you, or touched you in any way.

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small spider,red rose,insect in a rose,


Basho Bidding Goodbye

sun going down,cow watching the sun,thistles in the sun,

vast grassy plain
may nothing touch you
but your hat


This poem was written when Basho bid farewell to a friend. I love unique goodbyes and hellos. I once wrote this poem inside a sympathy card for someone whose father had died. I think it works for the ultimate goodbye as well.

Also, today is my birthday so I may not post much to social media. Look for catch up posts tomorrow.


male peacock laying down,a couple of peacocks,

wearing my jewels
the strutting of a peacock
beauty on display


The character for ka means “poem.” Wa means “Japanese.” Therefore, a waka is a Japanese poem. Tan means “short,” and so a tanka is a short poem, thirty-one syllables long. Haiku literally translated means “playful verse”.

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winter wind blows hard
but I have a big warm coat
thankful for God’s love


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trail in the snow,small boy in snow,child playing in the snow,


shopping for the month
passing jars of pickled things
thinking of grandpa

Remember, if haiku isn’t your thing I have several other kinds of poems that I write and share to this blog. Use the category list to look at my other poems. Just click the name of something that interests you.


hearing babies cry
we build a thicker wall
cocooned in ignorance

wet butterfly,new butterfly,







I feel like I covered two political conversations with one short poem.

If you like haiku and want to learn more, then go to my What is Haiku? page. Also, stop by the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work.

Haiku in the Snow

snowfall,late snow fall,green trees in snow,

when the truth is out
no little bird is safe
blood on snow


I wanted to give you an extra haiku and remind you that I’m about to start blogging every day. I sometimes try to randomly post a long poem during National Haiku Writing Month, but I may take it easy this year and just post my three line haiku and be done for the day. Follow me on social media and by the WordPress Reader to see what I do in 2019!

Haiku Appearing Easily


appearing easily
it now seems to hesitate
a cloudy moon


It’s easy for haiku to appear on my blog when I’m sharing someone else’s poems! I hope these Basho poems are inspiring you. Remember, all poems by Matsuo Basho are tagged in the Basho Poetry category.

full moon,moon in the clouds,moon through the trees,bright moon,

Dimpled Haiku

jellyfish in light up tank,clear jellies,

dimpled smile
sparkling stars come out
beautiful night



Happy Monday folks. I hope you are all getting back into your routines now that the big holidays have passed. My boys are back in school so things in my life will be getting more routine. I should have some quiet days ahead in which to write up many blog posts. I may try a writing challenge in March and skip the poem-a-day challenge in April because April is a busy month for me. Writing poetry and writing blog posts are two different animals and this momma only has so much time.

Kimo Haiku

So I made myself start writing again because I had barely written 100 poems this year. When you write three-line poems, 100 of them isn’t very many. So I looked for some prompts on Pinterest and found a couple of good lists. I realized that I can use any kind of prompt for my writing; it doesn’t have to be a “poetry” prompt. So I am pinning lists of drawing, doodling, and art journal prompts, and I will try to write at least 100 poems a year from here on out. Sometimes when I get on a writing kick, like I did on Monday night, I can write 10 at one time. Especially when things are intense. I may write 3 poems on 1 situation.

This is an Israeli haiku, which is called a Kimo. I discovered it this year while doing the PAD Challenge. I was trying to fit this thought into a haiku and was having trouble getting the lines right when I remembered the Kimo. Its syllable count is 10/7/6. I think I like this poem, even though I had said it was awkward to do, I wrote two on Monday the 26th.

symanntha renn poet,writer

I keep trying to make myself fit into these boxes with lists of rules, then I get mad at the lists and leave the box. What do you guys think about all of that? Do you want to see the other one tomorrow?

accepting every freckle on my skin
learning to accept my tribe
many birds at the feeder

November 26, 2018

Day 18 & 19 Nanopoblano

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

Today I am playing catch up. I am posting a haiku for Day 18 of NaBloPoMo. The theme for yesterday is “something obvious.” It is obvious that the person celebrating their birthday is aging, but sometimes it surprises us when everyone else has too.

birthday cake frosting
all the beards in the room are white
another year gone

May 6, 2018


I am posting one of my free verse poems for today. The Somethingist prompt for today is “something celebratory.” I am thankful that God gave me the gift of writing and that He occasionally gives me poems to write.

Thank You

Thank you God for this gift.
Thank you for allowing little me,
to build a bridge where there had been a rift.
The soothing words do not come from me,
I’m not always that wise.
Because of You the poems be.
Thank you for making me a cistern.
I prayed for you to use me,
and now it’s my turn.
I am the vessel to pour out.
The precious jar of ointment.
Your gracious name I shout!
I give the honor and glory to Jesus.
I am but the pen,
writing the word that pleases…

Mum Haiku by Basho

drinking morning tea
the monk is quiet
as is the mum flower


Sometimes simple haiku is nice.

yellow mum,red mum,over-sized mums,fall flowers,flowers in a barrel,