Mum Haiku by Basho

drinking morning tea
the monk is quiet
as is the mum flower


Sometimes simple haiku is nice.

yellow mum,red mum,over-sized mums,fall flowers,flowers in a barrel,


Thicket Haiku for Basho Thursday


do not forget
that in the thicket are
plum blossoms

This reminds me of that quote about roses. I used to share quotes on Friday.

I don’t know how I let myself get out of order – but here is another of my favorites from the 200’s. Basho wrote 1,012 haiku. I am sharing my favorites on Thursdays.

tiger lily butterfly on red flower

Melon Haiku

don’t be like me
even though we’re like the melon
split in two

Supposedly Basho had children. I wonder if he wrote this for his son or another family member, or someone he thought was his soulmate? I think this could explain how we feel when we see our children make the same mistakes that we did.

Leafless Trees

bare tree,diciduous tree,tree in black and white,

tattered flag
waves in the blowing wind
leafless trees



This week’s haiku, last week’s thoughts. The politicians in this country need to realize that all of their constituents hate the way they behave in D.C. They all need to do better.

Vivid Haiku


painting a landscape
trying to get the flowers right
vivid dreamscape



This haiku was written for prompts from #haikuchallenge #dimpleverse found on Twitter. Where do you find your prompts? Do you ever write or paint what you saw in a dream? Do you ever use an account like the ones on Twitter?


With Nothing To Cling To


in the middle of a field
with nothing to cling to
a skylark sings

What a neat visual. The birds have to trust their wings. 

black birds,birds against morning sky,flock of birds,

Little Tree Haiku

little trees change first
excited for a new season
Halloween shopping



The trees are just starting to change in my neck of the woods. Halloween stores are opening and it’s starting to feel like fall even though it is still technically summer. How’s it look and feel where you’re at?


Walking in Haiku with Basho


full moon
walking around the pond
all night


I really like this one. Who hasn’t tossed and turned and felt like they’ve walked for miles instead of laying in bed? 

big trees and little pond cows

Woodpecker’s Song

redheaded woodpecker

woodpecker’s song
the sound we forget he can make
finding my voice



I use this blog to help me find my voice. I wrote a piece of flash fiction yesterday, the first in six months. I stopped trying to write happy just because some people don’t like dark. I stopped worrying about if my piece would feel redundant because I have written about aliens before, I just wrote. And people liked it and I got something new written. I think I may be a sci-fi writer when it comes to flash fiction, and I prefer short verse in poetry. Yes, I can write in other ways and genres if I push myself, but I am finding where I am comfortable and trying to enjoy those spaces.

Reluctant Haiku

from deep in the peony’s stamens
a bee crawls out
a reluctant parting


This week’s poem from Basho is about not wanting to leave his friend’s house and travel on. He enjoyed traveling, but there were places he wished he could have stayed longer. Isn’t that the way with all travelers? They are so many more places left to go, but good friends and cool places must be left behind to see new places.

clouds from above,wing of the plane,flying on a plane,window seat,

Strands of Haiku

strands of spider web
I’m short enough to walk underneath
the sticky trap



Sorry my post is late today. Both my husband and I have not been feeling well lately. But our son’s school year got off to a great start, and that makes this momma happy.

bag worm webbing,bag worms,sunlight through web,spider webs,

Haiku in the Pond

does the turtle
appreciate his view
art museum pond


The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art has a pond that surrounds most of the building, and when you look out of the glass, you can see turtles in the pond. During my recent visit, I wondered if the turtles ever spent any time looking in. They would get to look at some of the best art in America if they did. By the way, entry is free at this museum, and it is well worth the drive if you live anywhere close. (This is not a picture of that pond, but a picture that I had.)

green pond