Oil and Plastic

tree art,outside art,big art,metal work,

Metal Tree installation at Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.

oil and plastic
things that choke the turtles
toxic friends


I wrote this 6 months ago for a prompt for #RavensVeil on Twitter. I don’t mention it a lot, but I really do love animals. I do love nature and I do worry about our environment in the USA. I just don’t know what to do about it. Everyone who is 40 and younger has heard about recycling and knows that we need to take care of our land and water; we’ve been told this over and over and over. I guess they just think that their one piece of trash won’t matter. The problem is there are a million people who think that, and that is why we are where we are.


New Haiku Day 27

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

Some of these prompts have been tricky, but that’s okay because I shared pieces that I would not normally share. Today’s prompt is “something near” so I chose a haiku poem that I wrote just yesterday. It is unique because it is also a shape poem. I had wanted to write more this month, so last night I made some time and wrote some haiku.

holiday season
letting him decorate the tree

american boy with christmas tree,dino pajamas,decorated christmas tree,

Day 12 NaBloPoMo

The prompt’s for last weekend’s Somethingist challenge were:

10.    Something fragile
11.    Something temporary
12.    Something surprising

Today is Day 12. I thought I would share one of my haiku with you since that is normally what I share on Mondays. Life is fragile and fleeting. You are usually surprised to find yourself at a memorial service, even though they are often planned and talked about for a week beforehand. Sunsets, even though we get them every day, are temporary. 


facing sunset
the glow of a day gone
memorial service

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

Dot Haiku

white and orange pumpkins,oragne pumpkin,halloween,fall fun,

This is my son about 4 or so years ago. He is barely bigger than the stack of pumpkins!

dot dot dot
a labor of love
mom’s tattoo


My friend was discussing tattoos with me I got to thinking about how tattoos are actually hundreds of little dots. She wanted dots in her tattoo for her daughter. I am sharing simple haiku this week. I think haiku can be fun and simple sometimes, it doesn’t always have to be super profound. 

Quiet Stone Senryu

evening at the museum,nelson atkins galleria of art,art museum,

on quiet stone
the music of children’s feet
museum visitors


Going to museums with kids is actually fun. They see things in a different way, and they will make you think about pieces that you have seen before in a new way.

Hawthorn Haiku

spikes,fall,trees in autumn,frost,frost on a tree,

hawthorn tree hotel
the bird comes and goes despite
thorns meant to deter


So this is technically a spring poem, but we’ll pretend it’s a fall poem and post it today. It is a proper haiku. Do you write poems for the seasons?

Haiku in Warmth


family snowed in
not opening the door
keeps the warmth in
January 13, 2018


I am proud to say that I have been able to post to my blog every week since my Blog Anniversary. It has not been easy. My husband became ill right after that. I have been sick with the common cold twice since then, and our son caught a cold in August as well. I think it was a welcome back to school gift, new germs from new friends. But my husband has been having pains in his abdomen that will not go away. He has been to 3 different doctors and will get scheduled today to see a specialist. All I want is 6 months of regular life. No big crazy events or illnesses, but maybe you don’t get 6 nice months of life after you turn 30. But, I will say that we have gotten a lot of time together, my husband and son and I. We have spent a lot of days home together reading out loud, watching new movies, and favorite old television shows. Our son is doing very well in his school classroom and in his Wednesday Night class at church. I have been able to read a lot of books, I am about to break my record of books read in one year so there’s that.

Today’s poem was inspired by a #microprompt from Twitter. I mostly retweet on Twitter these days but you should follow me anyway!

Haiku on the Stalk

empty seed pods,seed pod,lucifer flower,fall flowers,

stalks of dead flowers
clutter the flowerbed
stack of old books

May 24, 2018


Fall is here. Plants are beginning to die and plants and animals are going into hibernation mode. It’s funny, people hate change and fear death, but everyone says Autumn is their favorite season. I wish people would take a lesson from their favorite season and not be afraid of letting go. Change is healthy, embrace it.

September is Sad

crumpled post-it note
the first of my classmates dies
a shock to us all
I forget how to spell her last name
it seems all our names have changed

RIP Ellen Doherty


It has been two years since the first of my friends, the first of my classmates has died. I know that I’ve been blessed, but it is still crazy to think that we have already lost a friend. She didn’t make it to 30. September is a sad month for me, I have had a lot of people die during this month. I seriously relate to that song “Wake me up when September ends.”

purslane flower,rose moss with white blooms,tiny flowers,small white flower,

Woodpecker’s Song

redheaded woodpecker

woodpecker’s song
the sound we forget he can make
finding my voice



I use this blog to help me find my voice. I wrote a piece of flash fiction yesterday, the first in six months. I stopped trying to write happy just because some people don’t like dark. I stopped worrying about if my piece would feel redundant because I have written about aliens before, I just wrote. And people liked it and I got something new written. I think I may be a sci-fi writer when it comes to flash fiction, and I prefer short verse in poetry. Yes, I can write in other ways and genres if I push myself, but I am finding where I am comfortable and trying to enjoy those spaces.

Strands of Haiku

strands of spider web
I’m short enough to walk underneath
the sticky trap



Sorry my post is late today. Both my husband and I have not been feeling well lately. But our son’s school year got off to a great start, and that makes this momma happy.

bag worm webbing,bag worms,sunlight through web,spider webs,

Haiku in the Pond

does the turtle
appreciate his view
art museum pond


The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art has a pond that surrounds most of the building, and when you look out of the glass, you can see turtles in the pond. During my recent visit, I wondered if the turtles ever spent any time looking in. They would get to look at some of the best art in America if they did. By the way, entry is free at this museum, and it is well worth the drive if you live anywhere close. (This is not a picture of that pond, but a picture that I had.)

green pond