When Planting Basho


when planting one
handle it like a baby
wild cherry tree


I think I will start making these posts on Thursdays super short – as in just the poem and a picture. I really want to share Basho with you, and I want to post twice a week, but life never slows down when you are a parent so my posts will have to be short.

baby sucking bottle


Clouded Haiku


moon during the day,full moon in daytime,


bright white moon
covered by gray clouds
a death clouds my week




I’m actually having a good week, I just wanted to share this haiku. Sorry it’s a day late, baseball season is in full swing and I am loving it.

Screaming Senryu

violets,5 o'clock flower,dual colored flower,di-colored flowers,purple and yellow flower,

screaming fax machine
she has a noble job but
tires of making copies

  July 18, 2016


Was it the fax machine screaming, or I? I forget.

This is your weekly haiku, I try to share originals every week. 

Haiku Laid Bare

panda bear,zoo animal,asleep,

bare feet on the deck
business pants getting caught underfoot
end of the day

July 18, 2016


I will go ahead and share my work haiku and get it out of the way. It will be meaningful to someone, probably. I am a stay at home mom again, and I am enjoying it, so I feel disconnected from these poems now.

May is an extremely busy month for me every year, and as most of you know I usually throw up posts in a hurry and read your comments when I can. Just remember, I’m not going anywhere, I’m just busy.

Baboon Lessons

to be brave enough
to bite a crocodile
baboon lessons


I hope you all have a great week with no biting needed, but if there is, be as brave as the crazy mommy baboon I saw on tv! A croc came for her baby and she fought back and saved her infant. Be strong mommas!


PAD Challenge Day 17

poetry month photo for public use

photo curtesy of Poets.org

rose blooming,rose bud unfolding,red rose bloom,

Today we are supposed to write either a love poem or an anti-love poem. Anti-love is what I do all of the time so I thought it would be a real challenge if I wrote a love poem. But I decided to do both! I wrote an anti-love poem to get it out of my system, and then I wrote another love poem for my husband. Here are a haiku and a mirror poem, more correctly called a palindrome. It can be a tough form to write for but I wrote this one in five minutes. What do you think?

roses that won’t bloom
there was water, soil, and sunlight
but nothing grew

The rules for writing a palindrome are: 1. You must use the same words in the first half of the poem as the second half, but 2. reverse the order for the second half, and 3. use a word in the middle as a bridge from the first half to the second half of the poem.

  My Love
mine love
like red rose
it for you, bloomed
no wondering or wandering
wandering or wondering, no
bloomed, you for it
rose red, like love


Fire Haiku

fire sweeps Cali
and through my mother’s veins
reports on Monday


I wrote this before mom started chemotherapy. I was watching the wildfires in California and the devastation on television. I was very worried because I thought that the chemo would burn going in through the I.V. Instead she got very cold and had to get heated blankets from the nurse. Her doctor is very confident that she has beat lung cancer, so her 4th and last chemo treatment is next week. I think I am going to spend this summer hanging out with her and my son. I will try to write up a month’s worth of blog posts at a time and schedule them. Check back to see if I pull it off!!

tree,black and white,sapling without leaves,small tree in black and white,foggy picture,

Haiku Caught

the first time he caught
a snowflake on his tongue
parenting through the seasons


This is the second haiku that I wrote for Day 22 of NaHaiWriMo you can find the prompt here. I tried to stick to the rules that the moderators of the Facebook page set, which is only share haiku to the Facebook page and only share 1 per day. I could have shared more here to my blog, but I figured it would give me something to post when the excitement of National Haiku Writing Month was over. Be on the lookout for the tanka that I wrote during NaHaiWriMo I will do a few Tanka Tuesdays soon.


Heart Full of Haiku

half of a moon
heart full of confidence
beginning of therapy



So I will start sharing more random haiku with you now. Of course, it’s not random at all but heavily influenced by my daily life. I write about things that I actually see and experience instead of writing about random things that sound pretty or deep.

I would love to hear what you thought of my NaHaiWriMo haiku. Please leave me your thoughts below where I have asked for them, there’s a spot on each post.

super blood moon of september,lunar eclipse,blood moon 2016,

Day 27 NaHaiWriMo 2018

power outage
eating ice cream outside
after the storm


Today’s prompt was “rainbow jello” so another food prompt. Storms are hard, but when the rain stops and the sun finally breaks through, you get to see the beauty of things again.

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Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,

Day 25 NaHaiWriMo 2018

a dress
with a fluffy skirt
blooming rose


The prompt from Facebook was “dressing up.” This is where I always get my prompts for National Haiku Writing Month.

I was very ill on Sunday and I still don’t feel great today, but seeing as there are only 3 days left of NaHaWriMo I wanted to get my posts up.

Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,

Day 20 NaHaiWriMo 2018

writing while he drives
sailing across the plains
in an iron wagon
Yesterday’s prompt was “a gentle rocking motion”. I took my mom to her 2nd Chemo, which means she is halfway done! I am not sure, but this may be a senryu since there isn’t really a nature element. Is sailing nature?

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Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,