Haiku Kiss

he floats closer
man of war seeking love
with a kiss that stings

I wrote this on May 28th, 2014 which was my son’s birthday. We took him to SeaLife for the first time and he loved it. It is one of the rare times I was able to write poetry on a happy day. Although, of course, the poem is not exactly a happy one. It was inspired by one of the most poisonous jellyfish known to man. (I don’t think those are the kind that are in the exhibit behind him.)

jellyfish, little jellies,


Midsummer Tears


Midsummer Tears

Don’t tell me
When I can have
My mid life crisis

I’ll have a break down
Mid summer
In my mid twenties

I’ll buy red lip stick
Cry until my eye shadow
Runs down my cheek

June 22, 2015

Did you know that a quarterlife crisis is a thing? It happens to people.
This lovely little poem was inspired by a #ShapePoetry prompt on Twitter. I wish I could write for more of their prompts. I love concrete poetry! I just feel so rushed and so drained that I haven’t produced much for a while. NaHaiWriMo in February always refreshes me, maybe Christmas will inspire me when we get closer to it.

Don’t be bored, be inspired!

writing, journal, notebook

traveling the road to work
same hawk in the tree
is he bored by me


Are your readers bored with what you are writing? Are you bored with what you’ve been writing?

Change things up by doing a 30 day challenge like I did, or by participating in a writing challenge. If you search Twitter or WordPress you can find tons of writing challenges. There are challenges for bloggers, book writers, poets and even photographers. Then there are months like National Novel Writing Month and, my favorite, National Haiku Writing Month.

The shortest month of the year is also the month for the shortest form of poetry. I would highly encourage you get on Facebook and post with other writers this month as we do NaHaiWriMo. It is a lot of fun and you will be inspired. Last year I wrote a tanka one day instead of a haiku. You can only post your haiku on the NaHaiWriMo Page but the prompts will revive you if you need inspiration.

I will post the new haiku that I write this month on my Facebook Page and Twitter Timeline but not here on my blog. So make sure to follow my blog on Facebook and on Twitter to catch them!