This Test

storm, storms, clouds, rain, rain falling from clouds

This Test


Been pushed to my knees and can’t get up

Please pray with me while I drink from this cup

The weight is so much, the pressure so heavy

Please God, break the levy

I’m down on my hands and knees

Will I ever cross these stormy seas

This test has gone on for so long

Lord what have I done wrong


I know this poem is short, but it felt finished. I don’t think poems that are two pages long are better than poems that are only 12 lines long. It is what is in the poem. This poem is about a feeling that we often feel for a moment, an hour, a day. I thought forcing myself to stretch it longer for the sake of it being long would have been a disservice to the poem.


Senryu on its knees.

lit candle, flame, light in the darkness

we pray on our knees
for ourselves but not the set
of knees beside us

How often do you pray for the person that sits beside you at work? How often do you pray for the people in your pew? How often do you stop to wonder if the person riding the bus with you is facing struggles like the ones that you are facing? I think that, while I pray for various people every day, I need to verbally ask people about how they are and let them know that I am praying for them more often.