Day 28 NaHaiWriMo 2018

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buying another
silver necklace for me
dew in morning light


Today’s prompt was “button jewelry” and we found out today that the prompts came from Barbara Ann Kipfer’s book “14,000 Things to Be Happy About”. I liked that he picked a happy book. 

Well, today is the last day of 2018’s National Haiku Writing Month. How do you think I did? I will probably go back to sharing haiku only on Mondays now. I will try to share some of my longer poetry next week. Be sure to check back on Tuesday!

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Partying for a reason.

our group of women
party to raise awareness
battery fights battery

women's missionary union cake
I belong to a Women on Mission group (a group under the purview of WMU). We held a WorldCrafts party last year to bring awareness to human trafficking, or the fact that there are sex slaves here in the USA today. It doesn’t just happen in Asia, there are women who are forced to be prostitutes here in our cities in America. Kansas City is a major hub for trading the girls, and Oklahoma City is where a lot of kids/women are kidnapped from. Miami and other coastal cities are also major hubs for bringing in girls from other countries.
WorldCraft table, party for a reason

Our party was a Set1Free party and we held it at our church. We showed the women that attended a video of the women who make the products then encouraged them to buy the products marked “Set1Free” so that women trying to get out of prostitution, and the women already rescued from the slave trade, could find employment. I would encourage you to click on the links in this post and consider hosting a party yourself. There are products made by several people who need help staying employed in 3rd World Countries, such as the HIV positive and those who are deaf. WorldCrafts also employees women who are not allowed to work for companies in their home country simply because they are women. Their husbands have died and they have children to feed but no one will hire them. WorldCrafts builds a shop and employees them. Buying products from WorldCrafts keeps the demand for their work up, and if the demand for the products increase, then they can hire more women.

Memories on Memorial Day

tarnished torquoise ring

the turquoise ring

bent and tarnished

but not the memories



Do you have jewelry that belonged to someone special who is now gone?

A senryu for remembrance.

church jewelry



a gold bracelet
with pink stones I don’t like
Grandma wrapped around my wrist


This is about how I remember my Grandma White whenever I put on my jewelry for Church on Sundays.