In June

moon glow,full moon, moon in tree,

full moon in June
hidden behind the trees
afraid to be happy


Hey guys. I’m still here. It’s been a year of crazy up and downs. How’s your year going?



Challenge Post #8

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

I do yearly goals, not monthly, but I will try to give you an idea of what I’m up to…..
1. Don’t get sunburned (again).

2. Submit some poems for publications. (done)

3. Write at least one poem. (done- I’ve written 3)

4. Try to get G to memorize another book.
(my son could recite one of his books before he was 3)

5. Type some of my written poems and save them to USB.
(I have poems from HS I’ve not typed yet, and some poems I’ve recently written that I need to type up.)

What are your goals for this month? Are any of them the same as mine?