Watching the Clock

Here is one of my longer poems. I will mostly share haiku this month.

over sized clock,clock made of flowers,big clock,

  Watching the Clock

How many hours do we spend watching
the steel hands sweep the face of time?
Praying for them to speed up
then days later wishing they’d slow down.
At some point in time you realize:
Watching the clock makes time go slower.
So you try to stop counting the minutes.
Then you wonder, When did I get crows feet?
When did I start calling the kids
begging them to come over?
Wasn’t it just yesterday
that I was pushing them out the door to play?
When laying in a hospital bed
you would almost swear that the nurses
turn back the clock when you’re not looking.
And the sluggish pace of the hands
are more painful than the IV in your arm.
But if you’re enjoying an Italian dinner
the minutes fly by like wine from a tipped glass.
Sitting in a rocking chair with a baby,
who has been crying for hours,
makes the minutes creep.
You encourage the big hand to touch the 6
so that your husband will be home to help.
When friends are over for a bar-b-que
the hands laugh their way past time to go.
The clock is a bi-polar warden,
and we are at his mercy.


Haiku in the Park

silver metal gleams
sunlight so bright in our eyes
playing at the park


This was written for a National Haiku Writing Month prompt on Facebook. I don’t know why I haven’t shared it yet.

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Senryu from a Mom


sick toddler
when the stillness
becomes scary

I like senryu because I like to record moments that happen in my family. I often see these special moments through nature, but sometimes they come by themselves with nothing else attached.

Fourth of July Poetry

half of a moon
Fourth of July
kids full of excitement


I wrote this last year on this exact date. I hope you have fun today. Be safe if you are shooting off fireworks.

half of a full moon,moon behind tree,moonlight

Kids Today

crepe mertle flower bud


Adults always say,

“You’ll understand, someday.”

Well lately I’ve come to see,

That some adults are less mature than me.

Kids!” they say with a scorn,

I was doing this before you were born!

Well that may be true when it comes to play,

But they can’t help us get through the day.

They say they know so much more

They haven’t seen hell at its core.

Adults from yesterday can’t help kids today.

Because they are kids themselves, in a way.



I wrote this when I was a teenager. I didn’t think adults would ever realize how different high school was for me, compared to their experience. I was surprised when a couple of women in their 50s told me in person that they thought children in high school, and even in grade school, were dealing with vastly different issues than they did. Since I have had my son I have heard many older adults and leaders, finally admit that the issues children and teens face today are more complex than what they faced.