Haiku Kiss

he floats closer
man of war seeking love
with a kiss that stings

I wrote this on May 28th, 2014 which was my son’s birthday. We took him to SeaLife for the first time and he loved it. It is one of the rare times I was able to write poetry on a happy day. Although, of course, the poem is not exactly a happy one. It was inspired by one of the most poisonous jellyfish known to man. (I don’t think those are the kind that are in the exhibit behind him.)

jellyfish, little jellies,


A Dragon’s Kiss

lit chandelier,mosiacs

I would rather have
A dragon’s kiss
After much wooing
Than the forceful
Kiss of a knight.
The dragon knows
He does not own you.
This was written for a #ntitle prompt. There for a while I was churning out small stones poetry. I have more to share, do you want to see more poems like this? Do you think that I can put this in my Love Poems category?