Day 22 NaHaiWriMo 2017

the veins in her hand

carrying lifeblood and grace

withered maple leaf


Today’s prompt was “leaf” Did you write anything for it?

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Symanntha Renn


Whispers of Resurrection

Every Leaf on Every Tree

The world whispers resurrection
but you do not see.
The world whispers resurrection
but you do not believe.
Every leaf on every tree
begs you to admit
that Jesus could arise again
but you will not commit

April 2015
I started writing this last Easter, but I couldn’t get it to go longer. No words seemed to fit. I wanted it to be long and elegant, but I just couldn’t get it to expand.
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Dead Leaf Haiku

wind blows dead leaf
which is crazy because
it’s summer

summertime,summer,tree,malard duck

It is summer in my part of the world. What do you do during summer? What do you see during summer in your part of the world?

New Leaf

baby playing with leaves

turning it over

not as scary as I thought 

a new leaf 



What new things have you tried lately?