Day 18

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Symanntha Renn

ducks floating on top

of the pond above the mud

I must learn how


Today’s prompt is “nature” but we had to write about a season that we are not in. I wrote about summer.

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What I learned about God from growing flowers.

If you look through these photos you will see a progression. It is the same progression that we go through with God. First, we are small weak vines and we need a branch to support us. Just like my moonflower vine. As we grow and get stronger we manage to grow flowers and we look good.

Then God cuts us. And it doesn’t seem to make sense.

But after we recover, we can grow stronger in our roots or at our base. After I prune my moonflower vine, it puts out more flowers. Instead of growing in a hundred directions and making no fruit, it thickens up and produces beautiful results. Look at all of the extra blooms in the bottom photos.

The last photo is a photo of the seed pod. We can only produce fruit after we mature and go through pruning and redirecting from God. I realized this one day while I was cutting back my vine.

I added 2 haiku in with the photos.



does the moonflower

think about its tendrils

as it climbs the trellis





img_5469  img_5449

not wanting to be
judged in the harsh light of day
closed moonflower bloomimg_5451



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Learning to be Brave

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We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world. –Helen Keller


This is so true. I hope you can look at your hard moments and find a way to be brave, and remember tomorrow, how brave you were today.



A quote about experience.

Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God, do you learn. -C.S. Lewis


What did you learn last year?

Tanka about Before

flowerbeds, working in flowerbed, mulching


I try not to wince
as I pull up dead flowers
I focus on what
I’ll plant in this bed next year
my hands have been here before


Yesterday’s prompt for National Blog Posting Month was “Do you feel you have found your voice on your blog? What techniques have you tried to develop your voice in your writing? What are some characteristics of your personality in your writing?

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately so I didn’t get yesterday’s post edited in time to share my thoughts on that. I will share them with you today. I have tried to develop several different techniques, but I have only mastered a few. It is hard to tell what I do well because I rarely get feedback. I would love to take a writing workshop, but there are none close to me. I would have to drive 2 hours to the nearest one and I don’t have the money to pay for a trip like that. I do feel I have found my voice. My tone in my poetry is usually quiet, rarely do I write a poem where I yell, but there are poems I have written in an angry tone. Some of my poetry is happy, some of it is dreadfully sad and some of it is inquisitive. But I feel that I have finally found my voice.

What do you think my personality is?


Today’s prompt is “Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?

Yes and No. I try to make my blog appear professional. I promote myself, however I don’t pay services to do so, nor do I guest post or blog for a group. I don’t do reviews or make money from my blog which is what I would say a professional blogger does. My blog is personal and important in my life. I blog every week and I follow other blogs. I encourage people to blog and read blogs.

What do you think makes a blogger a pro?

Acrostic for Fall

Such an insightful post that I wanted to share it with my readers!

Grief And Acceptance

F  alling leaves in
A  utumn
L  etting in more
L  ight

This is a favorite poem I enjoy sharing each year, in some way.   It seems to have a special meaning for “Grief And Acceptance.”  Some of the hard years that seemed to have so many losses, also were good teachers.  I learned to see everyday beauty better and to cherish each moment.  I am a slow learner, and God is good, and His Word blesses me every day.  I read in a devotional way, for strength to offer others and for comfort.

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Planting Senryu

boy water bucket, garden hose

son finds seeds

plants and waters them

my shadow in the garden


I was so proud of my son this fall. As I was cutting back my plants and getting them ready for winter, he found some seeds on the porch that were from one of my Lucifer plants, and he decided they needed to be planted. So I let him put the four seeds in a planter that only had one plant in it. I really hope they come up next spring. It is the first seeds he has planted by himself. (The picture is from 2 springs ago – I don’t let him wear shorts when its cold outside!)

Do your kids help you in your beds?

Young Reader’s Day Quote

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.  -Oscar Wilde

Today is Young Reader’s Day. Do you encourage your child to read for fun?

A quote about the uneducated.

To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks.  –A. A. Milne

Knowledge is power.

Learning The Path~Wandering Wednesday

rock trail

Learning the Path

As I walk down this path, I think I know it.

I have been traveling this way for a while now,

and believe that the next hill will be like the last.

I begin my descent down only to be surprised

by the big rocks I stumble over.

They weren’t supposed to be there…..

I twist my ankle when I step in a hole,

that really hurt!

As I try to walk it off,

I find myself walking through a mud puddle.

Oh great, now everyone can see that I am stupid;

I walked through mud.

I finally get the mud off and my ankle stops hurting.

I look up to see I have a mountain in my path.

I thought the hard part of my journey was over…

Where did this come from?

This was not the path I set out to take,

where is my smooth walking trail?


Do you sometimes stumble along a trail you thought was smooth?