Timing is Everything


leaves twirl down





  a trapeze


timing is everything

Yep, you guessed it! This poem was inspired by the account and hashtag #ShapePoetry on Twitter. There are some great poetry accounts and great poets on Twitter. There are also poets who encourage other poets. Check it out. It’s a great community. I go missing for months and they are still so supportive when I show back up.

Rebellious Haiku

vines flow and stalks lean
  sending leaves past their boundary
subtle rebellion

  Nov 1st, 2016


I wrote this after seeing a prompt on #dimpleverse on Twitter.

violets,5 o'clock flowers,small flowers,flowers growing out of flowerbed,

Haiku in the Stillness

leaves shaken from trees
leaves blown from flowerbed
now the wind is still


In the stillness you can hear so much. I hope you get a moment of stillness this week. I hope you take a moment to be still today and hear what there is to hear.

daffodils budding out,spring flowers,freshly planted flowers,

A Week of Haiku

trees changing color,maple tree,fall,autumn,

blood maples are
the first to change their leaves
drive home from the doctor

So I know that I have shared a bunch of micropoetry lately, and I have only been sharing 1 haiku a week. To thank you for your patience, I am going to share haiku for a week. I will post 1 haiku every day this week along with a quote on Friday. This blog is mostly meant to be a haiku blog, but since I often fail at writing haiku the way you are supposed to write them, I like to share other stuff too. I will go back to sharing my micropoetry/small stone poems next week.

Autumn in August

storm coming up,storm clouds,storm over treeline,tree line,

leaves fall on the ground
brought by a small storm
Autumn in August

Sometimes we get glimpses of the next season today. What did you get a glimpse of this weekend?
This is the last day of August and the last day of the Bloglovin’ contest. Follow me through Bloglovin‘ if you haven’t yet.

Eagerly Continuing on Day 18 of #NaPoWriMo


The End of Fall 

 my eagle ear 

hears them leave 

leaves leap eagerly 

as eaves creak 

each aery leaf’s 

earthen end

I am pretty proud of today’s poem! It is a small stone, which is to say it doesn’t have a form or meter. It’s just a moment in time that I choose to pay homage to in a poem. The PAD challenge today was to write a poem using only two vowels with the letter y being wild. I choose the letters e and a. It is short but I still feel really good about it. I read through the other poems and many poets weren’t able to complete this challenge. Do you have a poem you feel really good about writing? Share it, or a link to it, in the comment section below!

Haiku Wind

February ground

strong winds blow leaves

new growth revealed


The wind has been blowing like crazy here. I tried to use it to my advantage to get the old leaves out of my flowerbed and get the bed ready for spring, but they just blew back in.
frost on leaves, frozen dew, new flowers

New Year’s Haiku

happy new year text

old oak branches
sprout new leaves and acorns
another year comes


What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Ashes Ashes

leaves fall down

flowers fall down

ashes ashes

rose petal





Did you have any fires near you this summer?

Monday’s Haiku

chilling breeze

a rattle of leaves

Fall catches you


Has Fall caught up to your region yet?

withered purslane moss

Wandering on an Autumn day.

fallen leaves

Afraid of Conflict

the leaves curl and die

not wanting to face the cold

they whither away

too scared to face the day

the day that brings cold and snow

they do not have the heart



Autumn is very easy to write about, but I think winter is hard to write about, at least in poems.
Which season do you think is the hardest to put into a poem?

For now we see through a glass darkly,

yellow leaf

on a black-topped road

easy to see


God Moves

God moves but sometimes

We do not see

The branch sways

But there’s no color in the wind

Grass moves across the land

But we see no hand

Waves billow and swell

For seemingly no reason

The pieces fall into place

God has given us grace

©Symanntha Renn


Sometimes its hard to see what God is doing, what His plans are, or even who He is.  But one day we shall all be given full knowledge.  When Eve and Adam ate the apple, they gained knowledge, but not FULL knowledge.

1 Corinthians 13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. (KJV)