Looking for Daylilies

found irises while
looking for daylilies


Yesterday I saw something that made me really happy! One of my surprise lilies finally bloomed! I barely watered my flowerbed this year, usually, I soak it 4 times a week. Maybe I have been overwatering some of my flowers?? The pink “naked lady” or “surprise lily” is not pictured. I thought they bloomed at the start of summer, but I guess I got a late bloomer! Also, daylilies and irises are two different flowers.

flowers,spring flower,shoots,iris,


Day 23 of NaHaiWriMo

rising from the dead
the daffodils and lilies
show me how hope sprouts

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Today’s prompt was “zombies”. Yesterday I watered my trees and a few of my flowers because it has been so dry here. I have been reading posts from my friends online, saying how their daffodils had sprouted. This filled me with trepidation because I have waited a year to see if the daffodils I planted would come back. I transferred a bunch of my mom’s flowers to my yard last year, wanting some of the tradition flowers to grow in my yard. It looks like they have all made it, I have several flowers sprouting in my flowerbed, in my pots and in my yard. This makes me so happy, and it was the shot of joy I needed to get through this week.

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Pink Haiku

resurrection lily,pink flower,lily,lilies

pink wedding favors
become baby shower favors
surprise lilies


This was written for a prompt during February of this year.