Paradoxical Poem

world war 1, world war I museum and memorial, sphinx,

WWI museum
man with a German accent
takes our tickets





Blood Haiku

street light,red brick building,

blood or rust
seeing red at the
Holocaust Museum

June 17, 2015

A scary creepy haiku for a creepy day. I hope you have fun while taking precautions today.

I didn’t take very many photos inside the Holocaust Memorial and Museum because it is a solemn place and I was trying to appreciate the moment. This is the outside of the building. We had to wait in line for about an hour to get tickets to the permanent exhibit. 

Reflective Haiku

ok memorial, reflecting pond, oklahoma bombing


still waters

invite you to reflect

on an earth-shattering day

Silent Wandering Wednesday

woods in Carthage Missouri

Silent Battlefield

The battlefield at Carthage is silent now.
As silent as it was 150 years ago
before the people there grew angry
and a small creek ran red with blood.
It was a part of The Civil War
but there was nothing civil about it.
Brothers stabbed brothers
in the land of the free.
Guerillas bushwhacked soldiers
in the home of the brave.
More concerned with state’s rights than men’s
they shed blood on ground that did not care
about the color of the hand that tilled it.
Today that small wood is still
except for the singing of the birds.
The only dark place is the small cave.
Giggling children fail to realize the horror
that once stomped through these fields.
Some people still smell the powder burning
but they are relics soon to be stored
like the guns and uniforms at the museum.
It is a peaceful park now, with gentle shadows
and only signs to remind us of the war.


It is the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg this year.  One day my husband took our son and I out to see one of our local Civil War sites. It was a small site but interesting.
Have you ever written a poem about a war memorial that you visited?

battlefield memorial carthage missouri