Weak Tea

coffee mug,spoon in mug,b&w photography,

weak tea
for a weak stomach
anxiety attack

Summer 2014




Her Head Exploded

robin blue,robin eggs in nest,blue eggs in a nest,

Her Head Exploded

very quietly
her head exploded
it erupted like a chick
cracking open its egg
her sanity poured out
in spectacular form

So last week on Thursday I shared a poem that was the first small stone poem I wrote in 2015. This week I will continue to share my small stones poetry with you. I am sharing them in chronological order.
This was also written for a prompt by Written River. Some great poetry gets posted to that hashtag on Twitter. If you haven’t searched for that tag on Twitter, I highly recommend you try it.

Winter Tanka

flipping through pages

looking at things I can’t have

at things I don’t need

if you never have guests what’s

the point of Christmas dishes


wooden dinner table with placemats








Anyone getting the winter blues yet?