Summer Sunshine


his face when
we give him a new toy
summer sunshine



Hot Haiku

does he have mine
or is it his dad’s temper
nuclear family

February 2015


This picture is proof that I can do Pinterest projects and that Facebook is not a total waste of time. Do you ever argue with your spouse about where your child gets certain traits? Sometimes my husband and I can’t decide who he gets his characteristics from because my husband and I have similar temperaments. 


Day 4 NaHaiWriMo 2017

how the lioness

holds her cub in her mouth

a mother’s embrace


flowers open

for the butterfly and moth

holding son’s candy


Today’s prompt was “hand” and I wasn’t happy with my first poem which is the one about holding my son’s candy. So I tried to think about how you use your hands in different ways. I somehow got to thinking about how moms judge each other and they forget that each kid is different and what would be terrible for your kid, my kid might actually enjoy. Did that come through at all? How am I doing so far this year?

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scribbles in a notebook,poetry notebook,writing,blogging,haiku,

Symanntha Renn

Mother Haiku

feline,tabby cat,cat with stripes,farm cat,

if I watch the
mother cat long enough
will I learn how to mother

Here is your Monday haiku. I know that I write a lot of mommy poetry, but my son is my muse. He is the person that makes me laugh, makes me worry, makes me hope, makes me scared, makes me dream, and makes me work. While I have a job and a marriage and a ministry, he is the center of my world.


Cycling with Senryu


too big
for his bicycle
we buy a new one


I have gotten to where I don’t want to post a poem if I don’t think it is top notch. I used to actually throw my poems out if I thought that they were not very good. But a friend pointed out that my poems showed my progress and I should keep them all. So I started doing that. I also often write a poem just for myself. Even if it is not in perfect form, or not likely to get published, I will write it and keep it because there are just some things I need to write down and record.

Delicate Flower Haiku

moonflower bud,closed moonflower,moonflowers during the day,

morning light too bright
for the delicate flower
she twists herself shut


Things are the same with my kiddo. He either has pneumonia or asthma. He is on some really strong antibiotics and he has just started Singulair. He is going to take it at night, I am hoping that if I give it to him at bedtime, right as he goes to bed, that it won’t make him hyper. The doctor told me back on the 3rd that he would cough for the next 6 weeks.
He is normally a very active and bouncy kiddo. It is weird to see him just sit for hours. He is usually hanging off of something or jumping off of something, or battling with toys in the floor. The only good thing about him feeling bad is he wants to cuddle. So I have gotten a lot of cuddles in this past month, but that is only because he is sitting still on the couch with me. I am hoping this round of meds will get rid of whatever is wrong with him.

First Snow Haiku

first snow fall
adults sigh
children shout

I forgot to post this at the first snowfall in my area because I was at work and it only snowed for like 10 minutes before it switched back into rain. I hope you can enjoy it today!

Senryu from a Mom


sick toddler
when the stillness
becomes scary

I like senryu because I like to record moments that happen in my family. I often see these special moments through nature, but sometimes they come by themselves with nothing else attached.

New Stars

new stars
freckles across my
son’s nose

Are there new stars in your life? Have you stopped to look?
Me and G

Fourth of July Poetry

half of a moon
Fourth of July
kids full of excitement


I wrote this last year on this exact date. I hope you have fun today. Be safe if you are shooting off fireworks.

half of a full moon,moon behind tree,moonlight

Spanish Proverb about Mom

An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.

-Spanish Proverb


I just love this proverb. What is one of your favorites?

Baskets of Poetry on Day 4 of #NaPoWriMo

easter basket from mom, easter egg basket from easter bunny

three Easter baskets
for the little boy who is
no longer three

I did manage to write this on the 4th, check my Twitter feed if you want to see it! I will be making at least 3 posts today, although I am hoping to post 4. Check back today so you don’t miss anything. I am writing my poems based on the PAD Challenge prompts.