Summer Rain – Basho on Thursday

So as I said, I want to share more haiku with you guys. To see more on how this will go check out the Announcement I made last week. If you would like to know more about Basho and his life I would suggest buying the book that I am taking these out of, it is BASHO The Complete Haiku translated and annotated by Jane Reichhold.

When I decided to start posting Basho on Thursday I had not decided to do the April PAD Challenge, but I am also doing that. Search “PAD Challenge” in the search bar to find new poetry written by me.

Here is my second favorite Basho Poem.

in summer rain
would you be happy with
the moon’s face

half of a full moon,moon behind tree,moonlight


Heart Full of Haiku

half of a moon
heart full of confidence
beginning of therapy



So I will start sharing more random haiku with you now. Of course, it’s not random at all but heavily influenced by my daily life. I write about things that I actually see and experience instead of writing about random things that sound pretty or deep.

I would love to hear what you thought of my NaHaiWriMo haiku. Please leave me your thoughts below where I have asked for them, there’s a spot on each post.

super blood moon of september,lunar eclipse,blood moon 2016,

Blackout Haiku

sun turns into moon
we all look up in awe
full blackout
  August 21, 2017


Where I was, the totality of the solar eclipse of 2017, was at 97% but it was still really neat. It was also, almost, a spiritual event. It was definitely really cool to share it with so many people across the United States. I am glad that I went to our local park and was able to experience it with a sunrise,pink sky,violet clouds,rising sun,

Flying Haiku

full moon,moon in the clouds,moon through the trees,bright moon,

geese fly south under
a three quarter moon
enough light to see by


I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving week and weekend. I will have lots of snowy haiku for you this month. 

Summer Night Haiku

moon slowly enters
giving our family
a long summer night


Are you enjoying the summer nights with your family?

heart shaped moon,blurred photo,nighttime photography,night time shoot,full moon,

The moon blurred into a heart when I took the photo.

Beauty Tanka

craters on the moon,full moon,super moon,

her beautiful face
transfixed by the white glow
as if she’s perfect
but the moon has pot marks too
no woman is perfect
  February 17, 2017


I wrote this during National Haiku Writing Month this year.


Day 17

the night dark and cold

but she rises anyway

full moon shines brightly

Today’s prompt was “moon”. I have written so many moon haiku, but tried to give it one more shot for today’s challenge. This poem is about perseverance. 

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scribbles in a notebook,poetry notebook,writing,blogging,haiku,writer,poet,

Symanntha Renn

Three Minutes to Midnight

full moon,moon on a clear night,glowing moon,

constant ticking
three minutes to midnight
no one told the moon

January 27, 2016




The New Year will arrive soon!
Be safe. I challenge you to make 1 New Year’s Resolution. Maybe you need to write more, maybe you need to read more. You definitely have growing to do. Decide which areas you want to grow in.

Crepe Myrtle Haiku

crepe myrtles,crepe myrtle seed pods, bloom, blossom,

matching crepe myrtles
one grows taller than the other
the moon goes down

February 2015


These poems I have been sharing, I wrote during National Haiku Writing Month last year in 2015.

Coughing Moon

errie moon,full moon,cloudy night,foggy night,big moon,

howls from coyotes
barking in the distance
coughing moon

My baby boy is still sick. I am so stressed out my eye is twitching and my face is completely broken out. I pray every day for him to be completely well. I have thrown away his toothbrush three times. Disinfected the entire house several times. I got him prescription cough syrup. Changed the bedsheets. Washed his clothes in a different detergent. I had him breathe in lavender and take different courses of antibiotics. And he is still running a fever and coughing. I am taking him back to the doctor today, I hope she figures something out.

Tanka Tuesday | Summer Tanka



walking the block to
see which bike fits the boy best
Guided home by the
lightning bugs, North Star follows
the moon, husband follows son


Well, dear readers, this is the last Tanka Tuesday that I will do for a while. I have run out of Tanka. Sorry that I skipped last Tuesday. That was a hard day at work and I just completely forgot to post anything. I will share new Tanka as I write it, I might entitle the post “Tanka Tuesday” or I might not.

Would you like me to label it Tanka Tuesday so that you will know when I post my next one?

Day 24 of NaHaiWriMo

full moon, the
zoning and planning committee
re-zone the town

If you are unsure of the rules of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page. Also, stop by the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work.

It would also be nice of you to go to that page and click Like on people’s posts to encourage them in their writing.

Today’s prompt was “zone.” My husband used to sit on our city’s Planning and Zoning Committee; they decide things like what gets marked as residential and what gets marked as commercial property. This poem is supposed be humorous, so it is a senryu.

bouquet of carnations,carnation flower,pink and white carnation,still life,