Those Years Haiku

sandwich years
send the kid to school
take mom to the doctor


…and we’re there. It’s time to learn how to be a caretaker to people of all ages. 

rose, pink flower,blooming rose,opeing flower,light pink rose,flower in bloom,blossom,




I am ripped open
But it’s weeks
Before I realize
My mind has been
Ripped open too.
Diapers and bottles
Keep me rushing about
But after I have
Some time to reflect
I realize how different
I am
Not just the house
Not just my routines
But me
My reaction to movies
I’ve seen a dozen times
To crying children
To grown men
Going to jail for life
Nothing is simple anymore
And I can see
The child in every person
I can see mistakes
It’s as if the scales
Have fallen from
My eyes

4th of july with children

Badges of Honor

dying vines,looking down a wall,vines growing on a wall,

Badges of Honor

Badges of honor streak my side,
A physical battle taken in stride.
Marks of mothering plain to see,
Months of carrying life show on me.
Hours of laboring to bring forth a soul,
Mark the motherhood that I now hold.
Of which some would be grateful to have,
I wear that notion like a healing salve.


I wrote this a long time ago. I was going to wait to share a lot of my poems until I could write a book, but I don’t see a book of motherhood poetry selling well (I don’t want to self-publish, I want a company to do it.). Also, I will not be done writing my mommy poetry for probably another 20 years.