Paradoxical Poem

world war 1, world war I museum and memorial, sphinx,

WWI museum
man with a German accent
takes our tickets





At the art museum.

missouri governor's mansion statue,lady statue,

naked dancer
liquid stone gleams
at the art museum
the only other naked lady
my husband can look at

This poem was meant to be funny. I know some people take art super seriously, but I don’t, and my husband definitely doesn’t.

Stone Lips Speak

stone lips

What do you hear when you visit museums? Do you find poetry there?

Haiku in the art museum.

Egyptian art exhibit

the details have faded

the beauty remains


I got to travel with my husband see some very wonderful artifacts and works of art this summer. We got to go back to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and take my dad and brother. What have you done this summer?

egyptian artifact
egyptian artifact
me and dad
signature of monet
The Thinker infront of Nelso-Atkins

Self Conscious Senryu

Holocaust Museum, Holocaust Museum

video at

Holocaust Museum

I’m the only one crying

Have you ever had a moment like that? Where you wonder if your hormones are going crazy or if you’re over reacting to the situation. Then you take a second look and realize that the world has gone cold and so you cry even harder.