Symbiosis Haiku

my plants and I
drink from the same cup
inside symbiosis



Here is a random haiku for you. I hope to share a haiku each day this week. Check back to see if I get it done.

rose moss,pink moss,white rose moss,blooming flowers,


Half a V of Geese

half a V of geese
half the day’s work done
deep in summer


We are deep in summer. I’ve enjoyed mine, I hope that you have enjoyed yours. My family had some fun, and now we’re preparing to go back to school. School is fun and holds many adventures, but summer is better.

goose on a lake,goose resting,goose cleaning itself,canadian goose,

Day 18

scribbles in a notebook,poetry notebook,writing,blogging,haiku,writer,poet,

Symanntha Renn

ducks floating on top

of the pond above the mud

I must learn how


Today’s prompt is “nature” but we had to write about a season that we are not in. I wrote about summer.

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Nest Haiku

nests in the fall,squirrel's nest,

squirrel’s nest
the only leaves in the tree
holding the baby


Just in case I get too busy today to post a haiku, I will post a haiku that I wrote in February 2015. But do check back for new haiku poem tonight. I wrote this while going to see my best friend’s baby.

Dead Leaf Haiku

wind blows dead leaf
which is crazy because
it’s summer

summertime,summer,tree,malard duck

It is summer in my part of the world. What do you do during summer? What do you see during summer in your part of the world?

A haiku about beauty.

tree branch, green leaves

blooms before leaves

beauty before wisdom

trees in 2013



Most plants grow their foliage first, and then grow their blooms. Trees do it backwards.

What backwards thing have you noticed lately?