Summer Night Haiku

moon slowly enters
giving our family
a long summer night


Are you enjoying the summer nights with your family?

heart shaped moon,blurred photo,nighttime photography,night time shoot,full moon,

The moon blurred into a heart when I took the photo.


Not All That Glitters

icicles,iced over wood,

  Not All That Glitters

the ground sparkles

as if fairies visited

in the night

that glitter is not gold, but ice

you will take a fall

if you do not look closely


I wrote this on January 15, 2017, for prompt 169 from #poemtheme on Twitter. This will be my last post for National Poetry Month as I am not feeling well. It’s been a tough week but I have prevailed and life goes on.

Neon Pink Haiku

hot pink clouds,purple cloud,sunset,

summer night outside
neon pink sky in the west
I wonder where my brush is


Sometimes nature inspires me and I want to imitate it. Sometimes I just sit back and enjoy it. Does nature inspire you? How?

Open Flower Haiku

dianthus star mound flowers,pink flowers,spring flowers,

the sun rises
dianthus stars are open
night falls, they’re still open

The dianthus open and stay open despite the conditions around them. In fact, they may even stand up better at night. I know they look better after a light rain.

A Quote about the Night

Blessed to us is the night, for it reveals the stars.  -Anonymous


Yeah, the picture is blurry, but it’s the only one I have of a star.



By A Word

  Undone by a Word

My hair undone by a word
My dress undone by a word
The moon glows brighter
And the night quieter
Entranced by a word

I wrote this small stones poem for a Friday Phrases prompt on Twitter (#FP). I thought this month would be a good time to share it. Do you have any poems you’ve written about a single word?

full moon, wolf moon, big moon, bright moon, luna

Wolf Moon

The Beholder

hosta in the shadows

The Beholder


Black and White
Dark and Night
With a little bit of grey between
Now the picture is complete
Now here I sit in the driver’s seat
I know the lies and truths of the world
Now I’m holding the biggest pearl
And now the world begins to whirl
Truths unseen have come to pass
Now who holds the unhappy lass


Today’s prompt and the last prompt that I’m going to do is “Where do you see your blog in one year? Five years?”

In one year my blog will still look the way it does now and it will still be on the same schedule. In five years I don’t know. I will still have this blog up and running and I will still be writing poetry so I will still be updating it. Will my book be published? Will I be writing completely different poetry? Will I write an eBook or start writing flash fiction regularly and sharing it here? I don’t know, stay tuned by following this blog through email, BlogLovin’ or the WordPress reader.

To an imperial few


Morning is due to all –

To some – the Night –

To an imperial few –

The Auroral light.



white roses, white rose bud, rose buds, rose's bud

On that specific pillow.


On that specific Pillow

Our projects flit away –

The Night’s tremendous Morrow

And whether sleep will stay

Or usher us – a stranger –

To situations new

The effort to comprise it

Is all the soul can do.



white roses, white rose bud, rose buds, rose's bud

The Securest Fold

Emily wrote about death a lot, but you don’t really get tired of reading her poems because she does it differently than anyone else.



Let down the Bars, Oh Death –

The tired Flocks come in

Whose bleating ceases to repeat

Whose wandering is done –


Thine is the stillest night

Thine the securest Fold

Too near Thou art for seeking Thee

Too tender, to be told.

What the Sun thinks about the Moon.

Once again, Emily Dickinson takes something everyday and makes it grand by her words.


# 909

I make His Crescent fill or lack –

His Nature is at Full

Or Quarter – as I signify –

His Tides – do I control –


He holds superior in the Sky

Or gropes, at my Command

Behind inferior Clouds – or round

A Mist’s slow Colonnade –


But since We hold a Mutual Disc –

And front a Mutual Day –

Which is the Despot, neither knows –

Now Whose – the Tyranny –

Dinner Deja Vu

brisk night turns cold
my heels click on the sidewalk
Awards Dinner



Have you ever had a sense of deja vu?

awards dinner, missouri teacher of the year finalist