Haiku Thorns

hawthorn tree,thorns on tree,tree branch,hawthrone tree budding out,

paper cuts at desk
or pricks from thorn bushes
in life you get cut



No matter where you are, where you work or live, you will face pain of some sort.



Pain is my Mistress

Pain is my Mistress

When I don’t make it to your party it’s because I’m with her
I lay with her for far too long refusing to move
Life passes me by and I miss it as I spend time focusing on her
I know I’m not supposed to talk about her
She’s supposed to be
Hidden amoung my contacts as Joe’s Pizza
She’s supposed to be quieted with a pill
Love, tea, and kisses are supposed to suppress her
Make her embarrassed to be in the neighborhood
But she is a haughty thing
and insists on leaving her lipstick
On my face, on my back, on my legs, my wrists
She insists on being in pictures with me
She insists on meeting my child
And flirting with my husband
Sometimes even stealing him away for the night
She is beautiful and she teaches me things
That no other lover could
She is wisdom and prophesy
She scratches her nails down my back
But I’m wearing a shirt so you can’t see
Can’t see the scars, the ache
But pain is my mistress
Can’t you smell her perfume in the air
Can’t you hear her cackling laughter
Rolling through your ears
The way electricity rolls through a bug zapper
Do you feel the brush of her skirt
Or the slap from her hand across your mouth
As you try to eat, try to stand, try to walk
She is a hard mistress and not one to be ignored
©Symmantha Renn
I think that pain has secret meetings with a lot of the people that you know.


Birth in Nonet

Birth in Nonet

Pain and pressure tell me that its time.
I get my bag and my husband
but should we leave now or wait?
Water breaks while we think.
Pain intensifies
world is blocked out
If you don’t know what a nonet poem is, go to my Definitions page at the top. I am out of town this week, but you can leave me a comment below and I will respond this weekend!


Sheer Suffering

I do not believe that sheer suffering teaches. If suffering alone taught, all the world would be wise, since everyone suffers. To suffering must be added mourning, understanding, patience, love, openness and the willingness to remain vulnerable.

-Anne Morrow Lindbergh


I agree wholeheartedly, how about you?

fully bloomed daffodil,yellow flowers,flower in sunlight,morning daffodil,

Chronic Pain

mimosa tree,pink bloom,

  Chronic Pain

in my quietest space

there is still noise

because pain is a

banging cymbal that

never stops vibrating

the shockwaves

roll over me until

I lay down in defeat


This poem is my last micropoem for the year unless I finally start going through my saved tweets on Twitter and write more. It was inspired by #MSpoetry a micropoetry prompt that doesn’t get enough attention. Once again, if you have a Twitter account, please check out the work on these hashtags, even if you don’t participate you can favorite tweets to let people know that you like their work.

The Songs of Summer Chide Me

summer flowers,summertime,

Back Pain

the songs of summer
float through the crack in the door
they chide me for
laying on the couch they don’t
understand how much I hurt



This poem was inspired on Twitter by a #MSPoetry micropoetry prompt.

What would you like to see next? Leave me a comment.

Twisted Back On Itself

little green vine

twisted back on itself

a pain in my neck

This haiku was written on July 1st for a #Tweetkuchallenge prompt on Twitter, after I had taken this picture:
moonflower vine,young vine,twisting,

Remolding After Birth

Remolding after Birth

He made me as He wanted me

This is how I am to be

Twisted and turning

My back is burning

Stand up straight play along

This has always been my song


Let the Lord lead

This has always been the plea

Listen to Him let it go

This process has been slow

It was not always easy to trust

But having faith is a must


Put it in His hands

Those fingers made the lands

He created the earth and the stars

He was ready for your scars

He knew that the cuts would be made

He saw you hiding in the shade

‘I saw you beneath the tree

Now come out and walk with glee’


Stepping out was never easy

The pain wasn’t measly

Take my hand Lord lead me on

Show me the breaking of the dawn

Pull me onward show me how

Wipe the sweat from my brow


Love me even when I shy away

Show me how I am to pray

Bring me low and break me down

Make me fit to wear a crown

Remold me and shape this earth

It is worth all the hurt

I know you love me bring the pain

I will trust in you though I am slain

the sun setting over a field, the sky changing color, pink sky

Sapling Haiku

 saplings, bradford pear and hollyhocks

pruning the sapling

so that he will grow taller

pain produces growth


I hope you didn’t miss my post on Saturday. If you did go here to read about how I am participating in National Blog Posting Month. Basically I am posting  to my blog once a day for 30 days. It will be all poems except on Friday and Saturday; those days I will share one of my favorite quotes or some music lyrics with you. Are you participating in #NaBloPoMo ?

Pain on Wandering Wednesday

red rose, flower in a vase, single rose

The Pain


Abba Father I cry to you

From this pain I am so blue

It hurts so bad, it’s hard to stand

Please take and hold my hand

Take me and hold me tenderly

Its so hard to be friendly

When the pain is blinding

In hate, myself I am finding

Its hard to care and not to swear

To have more mercy I can barely dare

Ease it away take it far

From this trial I will surely scar




On the days when I am moody and my temper is short because I am in pain, I try really hard not to take it out on anybody.
I photo shopped a picture of a rose to make it look like I drew it. What do you think?

Joints Complaining

woman's hand

creaking popping
my joints complain to me
they don’t want to move

Here’s a poem for those of you who have joint and bone pain even during the sunny months.

How are you feeling today?

Dear Lord it’s Wednesday.

pills and glass of water

istock photo-insomnia

 Dear Lord 1

Dear Lord ease this pain

Don’t leave me to be slain

I need you Lord, I need you now

Doctors, I need you anyhow

Forget the meds, forget the scripts

Please keep me from the crypts

I know you can, I know you will

Slowly I swallow this pill



I find it easier to get through the week if I pray, read The Bible, read quotes and posts from other Christians, and do a devotion in the morning.

What spiritual habits help you get through the week?