Flooding Haiku

honeysuckle,white honey suckle,flowers by the river,

graduation and birthday parties to plan โ€“
the creeks flood

ย May 2015

I wrote this for #Haikuchallenge on Twitter. I have been trying to write 1 line haiku, but it is really hard to write one that looks right.


Party Haiku

the bee navigates
through the many flowers
which party to attend

ย 2015


Remember to plant flowers that bees like to eat!


Alcohol |a poem

fireworks, fireworks and smoke, pyrotechnics


Liquid pleasure fill my brain
Make me forget the day
Wash the darkness down
Why is it when I need
To be lifted in spirit
Spirits bring me down
Laissez les bons temps rouler
But I slide down with the darkness
Flushed away with the vomit
The wine was supposed to
Make me forget my misery
But here I sit crying
Because I choose a depressant
When I needed an upper