The Life of a Butterfly in Pictures.

*These photos were taken over the course of 3 years and are not of the same caterpillar/butterfly.


insect eggs

caterpillar in flowerbed

pupa, caterpilla making cocoon

cocoon just finshed, butterfly cocoon

light colored butterfly cocoon

older butterfly cocoon chrysallis

butterfly emerging from cocoon

new butterfly wet

empty butterfly cocoon

wet butterfly flapping its wings dry

piece of butterfly cocoon

butterfly on red flower



Day 22 – 30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 22 is Inspirational

I find nature and the way plants grow very inspirational.

Take this little pink flower. It is fighting it out, and making it, in this pot. It is not full grown, and life is not easy, yet it still retains its beauty.

pink flower, potted flowers


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Day 17 – 30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 17 is Technology

I love my iPad. It lets me communicate with you wonderful people, and it helps my son learn math, sounds and learn to write his letters. What piece of technology are you thankful for?


G on the iPad


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If you would like to do this 30 Day Photo Challenge (or the All About Me Challenge) on your blog, I would love it if you would link back to me and tell people where you got the idea from!

Day 9 – 30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 9 is High Angle

I’ll be honest, I almost forgot. I remembered I needed to blog, when I remembered I needed to check on my son’s sunflower plant that he got from his Wednesday night church class.


sunflower seedling, flower, high angle

Day 6 – 30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 6 is Obsession

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessed with lip glosses and balms. I love Burt’s Bees.



Day 4 – 30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 4 is Books

I think books are just as important to children as toys and helmets and learning to use a computer.
What do you think of this challenge so far?? Leave me a comment!

books and toys

Day 3 – 30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 3 is Clouds

white clouds in blue sky

Day 2 – 30 Day Challenge

Day 2 is Bokeh

Which is a fancy word for blur. What do you think of photos that use this technique to make a point. I really like it.

bokeh, blur

Challenge Post #28

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

mom and son

Well, the biggest thing is I cut my hair, I have also lost some weight.

cake and party

I know these are not the best photos for comparison, but full length photos of me are rare, since its usually me taking the pictures. These are almost exactly one year apart.

So much has happened in that year. My son went from being 2, to being 3 and talking a LOT.

I eat better, I exercise more, and I write more. I make lots of lists and notes, more than before. I don’t write in my son’s baby book as much, but I have been writing in my diary more.

That’s about it.

How much have you changed in the last year?

Challenge Post #21

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

Here is a picture of my son sitting in my flowerbed. It is from last spring, and my flowers were barely up, but I just love it! These are the two things that make me super happy.

little boy in flowerbed

Challenge Post #16

Day 16- Another picture of yourself

I tried to find you an interesting one that was also recent. I think my son looks so cute here!

Challenge Post #14

I have decided to participate in Kelly Elmore’s “All About Me in 30 Days” Challenge. Since I mostly have poetry and a few paragraphs in my blog posts, I thought this would be a fun way for my readers to get to know me. All of my challenge posts will be in the new category “Challenges”.

Day 14- A picture of you and your family

Here’s a picture of My Mom, my brother, me, my Dad holding my son, and my husband. It was taken last month.