Haiku with a Sharp Chirp

walking down a path
sharp chirp of the chickadee
I see the warning signs



I have been focusing on my mental health, and I think I’ve got myself to a really good place. Now I need to focus on my body. I need to lose weight and I need to build up the muscles that I have. I am seeing signs that neglecting my health was a bad idea.

bird on sidewalk

city bird


Oil and Plastic

tree art,outside art,big art,metal work,

Metal Tree installation at Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.

oil and plastic
things that choke the turtles
toxic friends


I wrote this 6 months ago for a prompt for #RavensVeil on Twitter. I don’t mention it a lot, but I really do love animals. I do love nature and I do worry about our environment in the USA. I just don’t know what to do about it. Everyone who is 40 and younger has heard about recycling and knows that we need to take care of our land and water; we’ve been told this over and over and over. I guess they just think that their one piece of trash won’t matter. The problem is there are a million people who think that, and that is why we are where we are.

Kimo Haiku

So I made myself start writing again because I had barely written 100 poems this year. When you write three-line poems, 100 of them isn’t very many. So I looked for some prompts on Pinterest and found a couple of good lists. I realized that I can use any kind of prompt for my writing; it doesn’t have to be a “poetry” prompt. So I am pinning lists of drawing, doodling, and art journal prompts, and I will try to write at least 100 poems a year from here on out. Sometimes when I get on a writing kick, like I did on Monday night, I can write 10 at one time. Especially when things are intense. I may write 3 poems on 1 situation.

This is an Israeli haiku, which is called a Kimo. I discovered it this year while doing the PAD Challenge. I was trying to fit this thought into a haiku and was having trouble getting the lines right when I remembered the Kimo. Its syllable count is 10/7/6. I think I like this poem, even though I had said it was awkward to do, I wrote two on Monday the 26th.

symanntha renn poet,writer

I keep trying to make myself fit into these boxes with lists of rules, then I get mad at the lists and leave the box. What do you guys think about all of that? Do you want to see the other one tomorrow?

accepting every freckle on my skin
learning to accept my tribe
many birds at the feeder

November 26, 2018

The fox walked in his white coat.

powdery snow,flowers in the winter,
Even though it is still technically fall, it feels like winter. We had an early snow this year. I wrote this when it was still summer. It is a triolet, you are supposed to repeat lines. What do you think of poems that use the same line over and over?


  Winter Came Quickly
The fox walked in his white coat
We didn’t notice summer was gone
I switched to my fall tote
The fox walked in his white coat
With a scarf around his throat
I wasted the night and then it was dawn
The fox walked in his white coat
We didn’t notice summer was gone

  May 20, 2018

Day 26 NanoPoblano 2018

winter geese think
our hardest months are easy
traveler’s perspective

  January 27, 2018

Today’s prompt was “something far” so I am sharing a winter haiku a little bit early.

I have learned that getting up in the morning and randomly posting every day is not for me. I much much prefer to take a day like Monday and write out 5 or so posts when I have some alone time. Then I can take my time looking for a photo, and play with the formatting. When I like how they look in the preview, then I schedule them for a day that feels right. This process may take 3 days or 30 minutes per post.

I think I need to go back to setting dates on my calendar where I sit down and write at least 3 posts every week, for the next week. That is what I like about these challenge months that I sometimes do; they remind me of what I like about blogging and what methods work best for me. What do you think of my blogging this month? Leave me a comment.

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook. If you like haiku and want to learn more, then go to my What is Haiku? page. Many people think they know what haiku is, and many are wrong.

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

NanoPoblano Day 9

Day nine’s prompt is to write about “something substantial” so I chose one of my longer poems. I am getting the really fine lines around my eyes. I am approaching 32 and I am feeling my age. I don’t feel old, but I don’t feel 21 anymore. I am definitely in a new phase of my life. There are fewer weddings and more divorces, more graduations, fewer births. The funerals are far less surprising and come as often as anything else. It’s not a bad phase, it’s a comfortable phase. It’s easy to be complacent and just do the same ‘ol thing every week. But I try to be spontaneous and fun for my young son, and I try to stay in the know. I’m not dead yet!a large flock of birds,birds in flight,

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

  Crow’s Feet

As I shook out the blankets this morning
I found a black feather on the bed.
I haven’t seen them, but I see their tracks.
In the melting snow I see faint outlines
of crow’s feet.
The caw caw that rings from the trees
tells me that crows circle overhead.
Their shadows darken my days.
Crows like shiny things.
They weave silver into my hair
as I dream about my youth.
A shadow flutters across my face
lands at the corner of my eye
and I feel the wind on my cheek.
I hear not just the sound of the wind
but the sound of flapping wings.
They peck at my back and legs
while I try to cheer at ball games
making it hard to sit and hard to stand.
The tracks they leave become
dry river beds that have flash floods.
Their shadows chill me and make
me pray for the sun and its warmth.
I only catch glimpses of them
from the corner of my eye
but I know they circle me.

Political Haiku


to hear the wild goose
is my reason to go
to the capital in autumn


Was this a political poem? It seems poets have always used poetry to express thoughts on their leaders.


goose and ducks

Hawthorn Haiku

spikes,fall,trees in autumn,frost,frost on a tree,

hawthorn tree hotel
the bird comes and goes despite
thorns meant to deter


So this is technically a spring poem, but we’ll pretend it’s a fall poem and post it today. It is a proper haiku. Do you write poems for the seasons?

With Nothing To Cling To


in the middle of a field
with nothing to cling to
a skylark sings

What a neat visual. The birds have to trust their wings. 

black birds,birds against morning sky,flock of birds,

Woodpecker’s Song

redheaded woodpecker

woodpecker’s song
the sound we forget he can make
finding my voice



I use this blog to help me find my voice. I wrote a piece of flash fiction yesterday, the first in six months. I stopped trying to write happy just because some people don’t like dark. I stopped worrying about if my piece would feel redundant because I have written about aliens before, I just wrote. And people liked it and I got something new written. I think I may be a sci-fi writer when it comes to flash fiction, and I prefer short verse in poetry. Yes, I can write in other ways and genres if I push myself, but I am finding where I am comfortable and trying to enjoy those spaces.

Reluctant Haiku

from deep in the peony’s stamens
a bee crawls out
a reluctant parting


This week’s poem from Basho is about not wanting to leave his friend’s house and travel on. He enjoyed traveling, but there were places he wished he could have stayed longer. Isn’t that the way with all travelers? They are so many more places left to go, but good friends and cool places must be left behind to see new places.

clouds from above,wing of the plane,flying on a plane,window seat,

Turtle Shell Haiku

vicious mockery

the blue jays caw loudly

growing a turtle’s shell


Being sensitive is a double-edged sword – you notice people’s emotions and reactions to things, which is beautiful and can make you feel very connected to humanity. You also feel it deeply when people don’t like you, or don’t like your friend, or don’t like your work. I have learned not to take any of it personally. I let myself feel the emotion of sadness, regret, or embarrassment or anger for a moment, then I move on. I am a creator and a giver. There are more words to write, more things to paint, and other people who will gladly accept what I have to offer, so I keep moving and I enjoy those moments when I get them.
medium sized box turtle,turtle in its shell,