In a Poppy with Basho

departing autumn
the urge to hide oneself
in a poppy


There are some days that are so great that you wish you could freeze them and stay in them for a week. 

two pumpkins



unwanted mail
an excuse to take a walk
across the yard

fresh snow,snowfall,the walk to the mailbox,








This is probably more of a senryu than a haiku.

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Non-Scale Victories

making it fun, enjoying the exercise
I’m putting away the scale
outside, tasting the wind


This poem is also a Kimo. To find out how it is different from Japanese haiku, see yesterday’s post. Also, don’t forget that I have a whole page devoted to poetry definitions. I have defined every poem that I have shared here, plus a few others.

I didn’t get any comments on yesterday’s post, but I got an uptick in views. Views always die after a month-long challenge, but since they were up again yesterday, seemingly in response to yesterday’s poem, I decided to share this other Israeli haiku. Please remember to leave me and other bloggers comments. Most of us want interaction with our readers.

leaves in an empty lot

Day 7 NaBloPoMo 2018

Today’s prompt was “something displaced” so I looked through my longer poems and found one that got shoved into a drawer. Here is a poem about having to find your place when the world pushes you around and tries to bury you.

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

  Rising From the Ashes

we are so embarrassed when
we are cracked open, when we break
and yet, only those of us who have
been broken and pulled apart
know what is inside of us
to become a doctor or a nurse
you will be given broken, bloodied bodies
and it must be your hands that go inside
until you’ve stitched up flesh or
breathed life into someone failing to live
you don’t know how precious life is and
that second chances are handed out every day
a phoenix must first writhe in pain
must be consumed by the fire and laid in ash
before she can rise and soar in a new day
don’t be ashamed of the scars
that you got from the fire
your new wings are all anyone sees


Walking in Haiku with Basho


full moon
walking around the pond
all night


I really like this one. Who hasn’t tossed and turned and felt like they’ve walked for miles instead of laying in bed? 

big trees and little pond cows

Basho on a bare branch.


on a bare branch
a crow settled down
autumn evening


This is, I think, one of Basho’s better-known poems. Comment below if you’ve ever read it before.

salmon sky,pink sky,light fading,sunlight,pink clouds,

Basho’s Regret

Basho’s 27th poem can be interpreted in 2 ways. I wonder what he really meant? I wonder if it’s hard to tell exactly which words he meant to use, as haiku are supposed to have 2 or more meanings to them. Leave me your thoughts below.

flower buds
it’s my regret I can’t open
my bag of poems
flower buds
sadly spring winds cannot open
a poem bag


PAD Challenge Day 12

remotes and phones on end table


  We’ll Get Together Later
like a Netflix queue, like a Youtube Watch Later list
I’m putting it on hold ’til I’ve got more time
my current favorite is watching my life dissolve 
like scum under cleaner in the bathtub
friends, colleagues, and family disappear
until there’s only a slab of cold indifference left
I have all the time in the world now
to marathon the new show everyone’s talking about
I pushed and worked and ignored
to end up alone with the tv



Maybe this one’s a little rushed but I did what I try to do at least once during National Poetry Writing Month, and that is finish a poem that I have been working on for a year or more. I have been working at this one for well over a year. Today’s prompt for National Poetry Month was to write a lament poem. What do you think? I would really love some feedback on this one.

PAD Challenge Day 1

Okay guys, while I’m having a good week, it’s been a crazy start to the week. So I am going to put my first 3 posts up today and without a lot of fanfare. If you want to know what the PAD Challenge is, it is the contest put on by Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest, and where I am getting my prompts so that I can write a Poem A Day this month. April is National Poetry Month click that to see where I got my images. I am going to space out the posting of my poems/posts today because otherwise, people don’t read all of them. Stay tuned! I wrote the poem for April 1 on the First, it is a cinquain.

poetry month photo for public use

photo courtesy of

 Stress Relief
I mutter to
the flowers that I tend,
they nod their heads as if they know
I’m right.


Day 13 NaHaiWriMo 2018

the quick stop
where I find my stand-bys
well-known watering hole

Today’s prompt was “little store on the corner” which made me think of the Casey’s General Store. We don’t have bodegas or delis where I’m from. We just have gas stations like Quik Stop or Fast Trip.

Day 12 NaHaiWriMo 2018

sliding into home
safe in the last inning
cherry on top


Today’s prompt is “THE BUTTON AT THE TOP OF A BASEBALL CAP”. I think the prompts from the Facebook page for NaHaiWriMo have been great this year! Does anyone remember the year they all started with a Z and how hard that was??

Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,

Day 11 NaHaiWriMo 2018

cows at the pond
drinking from the same glasses
since childhood


Today’s prompt was “Pilsner glasses” but I wrote about regular drinking glasses. Has anyone else went to visit grandpa’s house as an adult and ended up drinking out of a glass that you know you drank out of when you were 3 or so?

Haiku is usually not written in three sentence fragments or one complete sentence. There is usually one fragment and a phrase in the other two lines. The fragment is separated by a kireji, or a cutting word. The word should be so strong that the reader takes a mental pause as they are reading your haiku. Some people call this point in the haiku “the twist” as this is where the two pieces of the poem come together. Boring and unspecific haiku is called gendai.

Haiku does not use metaphor, personification, simile, or many other poetic devices found in other forms of poetry. The poem is about the essence of a moment, and the moment should be so poignant that it does not need personification. Do not write a haiku that is only about how the rose in your garden is pretty. This is referred to as “garden haiku” because it is bland and boring, and there are far too many of them out there. Your haiku should contain something specific about the moment that you are writing about.

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Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,