Fire Haiku

fire sweeps Cali
and through my mother’s veins
reports on Monday


I wrote this before mom started chemotherapy. I was watching the wildfires in California and the devastation on television. I was very worried because I thought that the chemo would burn going in through the I.V. Instead she got very cold and had to get heated blankets from the nurse. Her doctor is very confident that she has beat lung cancer, so her 4th and last chemo treatment is next week. I think I am going to spend this summer hanging out with her and my son. I will try to write up a month’s worth of blog posts at a time and schedule them. Check back to see if I pull it off!!

tree,black and white,sapling without leaves,small tree in black and white,foggy picture,


Baby Haiku

fall photo,yellow mums,gourd,painted pumpkin,head of cabbage,

traces of the
baby you used to be
when I hold you


I could have sworn that I already posted this haiku to the blog, but I can’t find it when I search for it, so maybe not. I know that I posted it on Twitter the night that I wrote it. I am going to try to post a haiku every day this week to make up for being away lately. The more you hit Like and Share the more motivated I am!

Summer Night Haiku

moon slowly enters
giving our family
a long summer night


Are you enjoying the summer nights with your family?

heart shaped moon,blurred photo,nighttime photography,night time shoot,full moon,

The moon blurred into a heart when I took the photo.

Full Haiku

ears full of laughter
faces full of smiles
night of full cold moon


This year and has been long and hard, but I have enjoyed it pieces of it. I have had my husband and son beside me the whole time and we enjoy each other every day. That is why I have made it through; because I have their love. These pictures are of the blood moon eclipse that happened in September 2016.

Bunny Ear Haiku

bunny ears
the lesson of shoe strings
my kit growing up

This was written after I found Botaiku prompt 470 on Twitter.
I used to try to always post my haiku in the season that I wrote them, or in the season they were written. But now I am just sharing them as time allows. The picture is from August of 2016, when we went back to Sea*Life and G got to meet Captain Barnacles and he became an honary Octonaut.

Delayed Reaction

frost on leaf,dandelion,autumn

Frozen Wishes

This poem is about the day that we brought my grandfather home to die. He died about 3 months after we brought him home. He died 10 years after my mom’s mother died, 10 years later on the exact day. September is such a bad month for my family.

  Delayed Reaction

Standing in the elevator my ears close
They curl up and refuse to hear anymore
My eyes begin to dim like a bad bulb
Because they don’t want to see
I grab the bar to keep myself standing
I have to walk out of this hospital
We have to go home and get ready
He has one weekend left
The man who faced down Nazis
Who kept the Germans from
Breaking through the Bulge
Cannot keep his body from malfunctioning
He has fought off heart attacks
So now his brain is having strokes
The small attacks are beating him down
They have paralyzed his legs and one arm
He drove a tank over The Alps
and across the Rhine to free people
Now he drives a wheelchair across the kitchen
My aunt is trying to talk to me
But I’m not really hearing the words
The moment did not knock me down
Or throw me over oblivion’s edge
Instead it is slowly dragging me to the floor
Is my blood sugar low
No my realization is high
Death is standing in the shadows
Of my grandfather’s hospital room
We make Boston Cream Pie as we wait
For the ambulance to bring him home
Because diabetes has finally won
And he can have sugared strawberries

Day 26 of NaHaiWriMo

warm zucchini bread
my mother cuts a slice
I remember grandma’s garden

If you are unsure of the rules of haiku  and want to know more, then go to my What is Haiku? page.

Also, stop by the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. It would also be nice of you to go to that page and click Like on people’s posts to encourage them in their writing.

Today’s prompt was “zucchini”. Have you ever had zucchini bread? It is like banana bread with zucchinis. Whenever my mom makes certain food I remember eating it as a child. The memories come back with the taste and smell.

bouquet of carnations,carnation flower,pink and white carnation,still life,

Flowers On The Sill Fade

how marigolds look when they go to seed,marigold seed pods,

blind fingers grope
flowers on the sill fade
they could not find the sun


I have a group of haiku that was written about sick family members, or friends that had passed away. They are the most special to me, but I have trouble sharing them. I decided to share this one with you, but I am keeping the others to myself for a while.

Dented Haiku

flour,mess in the kitchen,cooking with flour,
dented rim of pot
my aunts voice telling me
about learning to cook
Using certain pots reminds me of certain people. I am a visual person so the things in my cabinets bring back memories when I get them out.
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The Sound I Want to Hear

my brother’s laugh
is the sound I want to hear
iced driveway
snow covered walkway, snow, winter, snowed in


Did winter weather interrupt your plans this winter?

My Shift At Grandpa’s

My Shift at Grandpa’s was originally published here in Barefoot Review.

My Shift at Grandpa’s


Walking barefoot across the kitchen

I let him sleep because

You heal while you sleep

I sweep the floor

And do some dishes in case

He gets visitors today

As I wipe down the table

I remember playing cards together

Laughs echo down the hall

That no one wants to be in anymore

He can’t hold cards

Or cook meatballs or catch fish

But that was never my

Main reason for visiting anyway

It is our turn to give now

I give him his medicine and

Cook his meals a few times a week

I know that the weeks left

Are growing shorter and dimmer

The best canoe trip in the world

Cannot compare to the gleam in his eye

When he tells me about Pigtails

And how he walked her to church

Under a sign that said

No Army Personnel Past This Point

I smile at his old jokes

Because I know that

I’ll never hear this voice

Tell them again.


© July 20, 2012 by Symanntha Renn

Grandpa Renkoski and me

My grandpa has been gone for 9 years today.

black and white photos
all of the old men in them
start to look like grandpa