Lightning Strike by Basho


with lightning
one is not enlightened
how valuable


I really like this poem. Do you like Basho’s poems?

berries,tree branch against sky,elm trees,


Kimo Haiku

So I made myself start writing again because I had barely written 100 poems this year. When you write three-line poems, 100 of them isn’t very many. So I looked for some prompts on Pinterest and found a couple of good lists. I realized that I can use any kind of prompt for my writing; it doesn’t have to be a “poetry” prompt. So I am pinning lists of drawing, doodling, and art journal prompts, and I will try to write at least 100 poems a year from here on out. Sometimes when I get on a writing kick, like I did on Monday night, I can write 10 at one time. Especially when things are intense. I may write 3 poems on 1 situation.

This is an Israeli haiku, which is called a Kimo. I discovered it this year while doing the PAD Challenge. I was trying to fit this thought into a haiku and was having trouble getting the lines right when I remembered the Kimo. Its syllable count is 10/7/6. I think I like this poem, even though I had said it was awkward to do, I wrote two on Monday the 26th.

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I keep trying to make myself fit into these boxes with lists of rules, then I get mad at the lists and leave the box. What do you guys think about all of that? Do you want to see the other one tomorrow?

accepting every freckle on my skin
learning to accept my tribe
many birds at the feeder

November 26, 2018

Day 18 & 19 Nanopoblano

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

Today I am playing catch up. I am posting a haiku for Day 18 of NaBloPoMo. The theme for yesterday is “something obvious.” It is obvious that the person celebrating their birthday is aging, but sometimes it surprises us when everyone else has too.

birthday cake frosting
all the beards in the room are white
another year gone

May 6, 2018


I am posting one of my free verse poems for today. The Somethingist prompt for today is “something celebratory.” I am thankful that God gave me the gift of writing and that He occasionally gives me poems to write.

Thank You

Thank you God for this gift.
Thank you for allowing little me,
to build a bridge where there had been a rift.
The soothing words do not come from me,
I’m not always that wise.
Because of You the poems be.
Thank you for making me a cistern.
I prayed for you to use me,
and now it’s my turn.
I am the vessel to pour out.
The precious jar of ointment.
Your gracious name I shout!
I give the honor and glory to Jesus.
I am but the pen,
writing the word that pleases…

NanoPoblano Day 2

If you go to the main site here you will find a quick explanation of what I’m doing this month. The resources page is where I got this neat little badge/image that I will be adding to my nablopomo posts.

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

Today’s prompt is “something unlikely.”

Please remember that you can cheer us on by sharing the posts of those who are participating in National Blog Posting Month, and by leaving comments on our new posts.

I am going to try to share some of my longer poems with you and possibly write some new poems this month. I will post Monday through Friday every week. I may or may not post to the blog on Saturdays and Sundays. I may put those posts on Instagram instead, we’ll see. Follow me on social media or by email. I do not do newsletters or spam you in any way. You will only be emailed links to my new posts. It’s unlikely, I know – but it’s true!!


dying embers can
be stirred ’til they burn hot
and glow rosy red
this is how wildfires start
abandoned fire rekindled

7th Anniversary Blog Post

symanntha renn symanntha renn poet,writer 20180421_152104

I had a slow year as far as writing in 2017, but this year I have written many poems, and some of them are really good. I have started sharing them and will share them every week for the rest of the year. I have gotten over my fear of sharing my work in public, now I just have to choose the format in which I share my work.

longing to talk
afraid of what people I will draw
flowering cacti

I looked back at my first post and realized that my goals are basically the same now as they were then. I want to share 1 poem a week with you, and I want it to be a haiku. I always share a new haiku on Monday. I want to share other forms of poetry a couple of times a week.

strange winds
blow through the tall hayfields
fighting my restless spirit
  Feb 5, 2017 

I have had themed days and weeks and that has been both fun and exhausting. I have done poetry challenges, blogging challenges, writing challenges, and photography challenges. They all grew me and even though doing them right was hard I am glad that I tried them all. I plan to try some in the future as well. I have shared my favorite poems by my favorite poets Emily Dickinson and Matsuo Basho. I have written some flash fiction and intended to write more, but I just haven’t been able to write anything good in that area for a while. I loved sharing quotes with you all but I felt like we see lots of quotes on Facebook and other social media sites and it was too hard to find unusual quotes to share. 

old leaves
on a new road

Yes, I have also taken breaks, but that has been good for me too. I learned that my loyal readers would stay with me, even if I was quiet for a while. I learned that I could gain new followers even if I was barely posting, but I do get more likes and views if I am posting 3x or more a week. I think I am in a good place now, and I don’t think I will take any breaks in the future.

Thank you for reading my work and leaving me likes and comments. Thank you for your shares and your encouragement. I hope that you all stick with me as I share poems from both my past and my most recent work.

What is your favorite thing that I do? Which type of post do you miss the most? Which type of post would you like to see more of? Leave me some comments.

To look at my poetry throughout the years, go to this post.

poet symanntha renn failing at haiku image

Where Basho got his ideas.

short iris,new iris,iris leaves,iris' leaf,


rabbit-ear iris
it gives me an idea
for a poem


Basho took most of his inspiration from nature. I try to always use nature when writing a haiku, but I use nature in many of my poems, no matter what form they are. How often does nature show up in your poems?

Recollections of a Broken Back

Recollections of a Broken Back

Broken backs march to the next task
Wondering how they got so broken
On this path that was supposed to be so easy
This path, littered with pain
The birds sing the same year after year
Their songs don’t seem to change
So why am I aging
Why am I feeling the need to sit down
I feel the years clog my veins
The misadventures stretch across my skin
Shiny speed bumps to slow sensual thought
Where are all of the fine things
This broken back was supposed to bring me


I wish I had dated my older poems. I thought that if I didn’t date them they would seem more mysterious. What do you think? Do you date your poems? Do you share the date when you share them?


Basho on a bare branch.


on a bare branch
a crow settled down
autumn evening


This is, I think, one of Basho’s better-known poems. Comment below if you’ve ever read it before.

salmon sky,pink sky,light fading,sunlight,pink clouds,

PAD Challenge Day 11

poetry month photo for public use

photo curtesy of

This post is for Day 10 and 11. I could NOT think of a poem for a deal, or a poem about no deal. I have decided in 2018 that posting every day is just not for me. I am also not one of those people that can churn out a poem every day. They say you should write every day, but I think “they” are people without children or people who can afford a nanny.

The prompt for Day 11 of National Poetry Month was to write a warning poem. I immediately knew what I wanted the subject to be on, but I couldn’t get my errands done and my brain in writing mode until today. So here is day 11’s poem. It is a Rispetto, the kind with 8 lines and 11 syllables in each line, it is not supposed to have end rhymes but they just kind of appeared. What do you think?


  The End of Time
your grandma told you when you were a child
it’s a story so old she heard it when she
herself was but a child on her dad’s knee
It’s all over but the shouting, so we wait
for when the angels blow that trumpet and shout
we will all rise up and the dead will come out
Jesus came once and is coming back again
when heaven is built, He will call us all home



PAD Challenge Day 7

  Thorns of a Rose
the impatient thorns of a rose
catching your eye with her colors
so bright and cheerful but beware
under her petals are sharp knives

she will kiss you and cut you twice
the impatient thorns of a rose
pricking you as soon as you touch
she only lets you come so close

from afar the smell entices
you come in for a better look
the impatient thorns of a rose
she doesn’t taste sweet like she smells

for a taste you will pay dearly
that she would cut you was clearly
told to you but you went ahead
the impatient thorns of a rose

red roses fully bloomed,red rose bush, small rose bush,

rose's thorn, rose thorn  IMG_7036  single rose, rose bush

Here is today’s poem. It is a Quatern. I have never written one before today. I will probably not get tomorrow’s poem up on the blog until mid-day on Monday. We shall see.

Follow me on Instagram; I am sharing poetry on there too. I am putting my old tanka onto new photos and kind of making haiga. I feel like I have shared my haiku so many times, and that some of my tanka were overlooked. I will start doing true haiga with haiku soon. It’s a process to get it posted to Instagram, so bear with me! The more likes and follows I get the more motivated I am to post. I will follow you back on Instagram if you tell me you are a blog reader.

I am kind of in the middle of a following freeze on Twitter right now. I’m about to hit 2,000 following which means I can’t follow anyone until I get 2,000 followers myself. So follow me on Twitter and tell your friends to as well. I unfollowed a lot of accounts that looked inactive, or personal accounts that weren’t following me back, but I am quickly edging toward 2,000.

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I will try to do the PAD Challenge.

I plan to participate in the PAD challenge this year. I may not get my posts up every day, I might have to make 3 posts in 1 day, but I am going to try to write every day. I might revise a couple of old poems, depending on the prompts. This is held at Writer’s You can share your poems to my comments as well!

To learn more, here is part of this year’s announcement from Robert Lee Brewer, Senior Content Editor, Writer’s Digest Community. To read the whole thing go here.

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What is the April PAD Challenge?

PAD stands for Poem-A-Day, so this is a challenge in which poets write a poem each day of April. Usually, I’ll post a prompt in the morning (Atlanta, Georgia, time), and poets will write a poem in response.

Let’s break some lines together for the 2018 April PAD Challenge. This will be the 11th annual April poem-a-day challenge! 

Some poets share those poems on the blog in the comments; others keep their words to themselves. I don’t require comments on the blog to participate, but it does make it more fun when poets are firing away on the blog. Plus, I’ll try my best to recognize my favorite poems of the month this year by using comments on the blog.

Re-create Your Poetry!  Revision doesn’t have to be a chore–something that should be done after the excitement of composing the first draft. Rather, it’s an extension of the creation process!

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to write poetry–whether you’ve been writing all your life or just want to give it a shot now, whether you write free verse or traditional forms, whether you have a certain style or have no clue what you’re doing. The main thing is to poem (and yes, I use poem as a verb).

Here are some more April PAD Challenge guidelines:

  • Poeming begins April 1 and runs through May 1 (to account for time differences in other parts of the world–and yes, poets all over the world participate).
  • The main purpose of the challenge is to write poems, but I also will attempt to highlight my favorite poems of the month from poets who post their poems to each day’s blog posts. Some years this works out better than others.
  • Poem as you wish, but I will delete poems and comments that I feel are hateful. Also, if anyone abuses this rule repeatedly, I will have them banned from the site. So please “make good choices,” as I tell my children.

Day 5 NaHaiWriMo 2017

strange winds
blow through the tall hayfields
fighting my restless spirit


If haiku isn’t your thing, check out my Other Poems that you might like better.

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Symanntha Renn