PAD Challenge Day 12

remotes and phones on end table


  We’ll Get Together Later
like a Netflix queue, like a Youtube Watch Later list
I’m putting it on hold ’til I’ve got more time
my current favorite is watching my life dissolve 
like scum under cleaner in the bathtub
friends, colleagues, and family disappear
until there’s only a slab of cold indifference left
I have all the time in the world now
to marathon the new show everyone’s talking about
I pushed and worked and ignored
to end up alone with the tv



Maybe this one’s a little rushed but I did what I try to do at least once during National Poetry Writing Month, and that is finish a poem that I have been working on for a year or more. I have been working at this one for well over a year. Today’s prompt for National Poetry Month was to write a lament poem. What do you think? I would really love some feedback on this one.


Paradoxical Poem

world war 1, world war I museum and memorial, sphinx,

WWI museum
man with a German accent
takes our tickets




Haiku for National Poetry Month

Current status: Looking for my muse.

Hey Everyone! Sorry I have been absent this last week. Thank you to those of you who followed me in spite of my lack of posts last month. I am going to try to make up for it. I am going to try to post a poem every weekday this month. I will post haiku but I will also post longer forms of poetry. I am planning on posting some older poems. I may not always write a comment with the poem, I may just post the poem. I haven’t written much yet this year, which is concerning considering that we are four months through the year. But I think this summer is going to be great and I’ll find time for writing. My muse must be wearing camouflage and hiding amongst my budding flowers.

just blades of grass
daffodils with no blooms
my mouth no words


daffodils coming up

Thank You, Dear Readers

picture by symanntha renn,photo,blog banner,

the smell of pork roast
first time always turns out
replicating my
victory is what is hard
more than a flash in the pan


Thank you all so much! I am now at 705 followers! I asked more of you to follow this blog two weeks ago on Monday, October 24th and you did. By the next day, I was at 700 followers and the number has stayed up!

Thank you for reading my work. Thank you for seeking me out. Thank you for following me on Twitter and on Facebook. Thank you for leaving me comments. I appreciate every Follow and every Like I get. I appreciate the retweets and all of the other shares as well.

Thank you for staying with me as this blog changes. Thank you for joining me as this blog is in the midst of change. I posted my last quote on Monday of this week. While I love quotes, those have never been the most loved posts by my readers. My short stories have quickly become my most liked type of post on this blog. While I will try to write a short story and post it by Friday night, my heart is in poetry. I plan to share a haiku that you have never read before, every Monday, as always.

This tanka was inspired by a #fieryverse prompt.

I heard it hit the ground

She is such a great poet. I don’t know what else to say about Emily Dickinson.

  # 747
It dropped so low – in my Regard –
I heard it hit the Ground –
And go to pieces on the Stones
At bottom of my Mind –

Yet blamed the Fate that flung it – less
Than I denounced Myself,
For entertaining Plated Wares
Upon my Silver Shelf –

Wandering Wednseday with Eliza

white flowers, rose flowers, white rose

Eliza’s Note To Professor Higgins


We may not be the same

but we’re not that different.

Let’s not fight the East Wind.

Let it push us Westward,

where it’s warmer and

you can see the sun set

at the end of the day.

You’ve forgotten that,

there are four directions

and therefore four options.

Don’t ignore me, don’t pout

because I thought of it and you didn’t.

Women may not know

how to be happy,

but I am not a woman

just a squashed cabbage leaf

and I can be happy with you

wherever we are.

I don’t mind your language

or your abruptness or your boots

that get strewn everywhere.

I can be your doll, your duchess

just as long as you take me

off the shelf every now and then

and play with me.

Don’t expect me to

bring you flowers or slippers,

I am not a slave.

Can you see the lady

that I have truly become?

Or does the scent of rain

And flowers still blind you?


What if she had not given up on him? What if she had sent him a note, one last communication?

A Quote about Haiku

Writing haiku offers the chance to honor, hold, and fully experience a fleeting moment that takes you out of your self.    -Margaret D. McGee



I think haiku does this more so than other forms of poetry.