Lightning Strike by Basho


with lightning
one is not enlightened
how valuable


I really like this poem. Do you like Basho’s poems?

berries,tree branch against sky,elm trees,


NanoPoblano Day 20

so many people wilt
the moment pressure is applied
there’s nothing strong inside
they are hallow
ghosts with no backbone
does each task with a moan
dig for iron
add resolve to your will
your weaknesses kill


Nanopoblano is a group of bloggers who write every day during National Blog Posting Month. They encourage you to find prompts wherever you want. I am doing the Somethingist Challenge and “something repaired” is today’s prompt. This poem was first written on Twitter for a #WrittenRiver prompt.

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Day 7 NaBloPoMo 2018

Today’s prompt was “something displaced” so I looked through my longer poems and found one that got shoved into a drawer. Here is a poem about having to find your place when the world pushes you around and tries to bury you.

nanopolano,nablopomo,2018 event,

  Rising From the Ashes

we are so embarrassed when
we are cracked open, when we break
and yet, only those of us who have
been broken and pulled apart
know what is inside of us
to become a doctor or a nurse
you will be given broken, bloodied bodies
and it must be your hands that go inside
until you’ve stitched up flesh or
breathed life into someone failing to live
you don’t know how precious life is and
that second chances are handed out every day
a phoenix must first writhe in pain
must be consumed by the fire and laid in ash
before she can rise and soar in a new day
don’t be ashamed of the scars
that you got from the fire
your new wings are all anyone sees


Basho Burst Thursday


spring winds

hoping the flowers burst

out in laughter


It is so interesting to see that poets and writers who lived centuries before I did felt the same way about things. I take this poem as he is waiting to see the bright flowers of spring. Spring is my favorite season. If you followed along when I posted Emily Dickinson’s poetry you will know that I love her because I loved the way she looked at things.

Also – I have owned this book for around 4 years but I haven’t posted his poetry because as I said in the last Emily Dickinson post that I made it is time-consuming to post another poet’s work because you have to be sure to attach the proper tags and to triple check that you got the wording right. Since Basho’s poetry is short, he is an easy poet to share. It took me over a year to share Dickinson’s poems. It won’t take me that long to share Basho, but do follow me by email if you have never read them (so that you don’t miss any). He is revered for a reason!

daisy weeds


Basho on Thursday – 1st Post

Well, I am writing again, but I wanted to give you guys more here on the blog. Since many of you follow me for the haiku, I wanted to share some with you every week. I think a blog should put up a least one new post a week, so in my effort to live up to my own standards, here is what I’m going to do:

For a few months, I am going to post a haiku every Thursday by the master poet Matsou Basho. I have BASHO The Complete Haiku which is a book of his complete works translated by Jane Reichhold. Because there are over 1,000 I am just going to post my favorites. I will also be reusing pictures from older posts.

mimosa tree,pink bloom,hair-like blossom,

Not a picture of a cherry blossom, but a mimosa tree. I am going to use the pictures I already have to make this easy on me.

Here is my first favorite of Basho’s 1,011 haiku poems:

the old woman
a cherry tree blooming in old age
is something to remember

Day 24 NaHaiWriMo 2018

aches and pains
asking about grandma’s remedy
herb garden


Today’s prompt was “hot-water bottle” and I didn’t know how many people would know that Tylenol comes from Willow bark so I wrote about herbs instead. I do not try to write in 5/7/5 some of my poems just come out at that number. I do try to always write short, long, short but the words come the way they come.

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International Blog Delurking Week 2018

The first full week of January, every year, is International Blog Delurking Week. I would love to see people participate!

the finch ventures out
into a hard cold world
my own resilience

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my plants and I
drink from the same cup
inside symbiosis

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International Blog Delurking Week 2018

Haiku Growing with the Iris

iris flower stalk,bearded iris bud,bearded irises budding out,

the irises grow
bud out like they believe
there is no more frost


This is another haiku that I was so sure I had shared on the blog, but I don’t see it so maybe I didn’t. I am trying to share all of my poetry, no matter how good it is. I used to try to share it in the appropriate season, but remembering to go back and find a haiku to share for the current season while also writing new haiku for the current season has proven to be difficult. So here is a haiku, appropriate or not.

Day 8 NaHaiWriMo

drifting away
dandelion seeds tumble
past city lines

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If you are unsure of the rules/definition/form of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page. Feel free to direct any friends there who may be unsure of what is happening in the poetry community this month.
Also tell them to check out the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. Today’s prompt was “zephyr”.

morning glory hosta plant,shade plants,hostas,close up of hosta leaf,

Double-Sided Sword

38th parrallel,war monument,

Double-Sided Sword

Cutting myself on
the edge of right
the edge of wrong
is dull
this double-sided blade
the sword I have to bear
A #HeartSoup inspired creation. Leave your thoughts on it below.

The Dark Hours

moon behind the clouds, luna, full moon, moon on a cloudy night

The Dark Hours
are supposed to come
between dusk and dawn
but sometimes they
roll in early
or stay too late
like a bad house guest.

This was written for a Heart Soup prompt found on Twitter. To see more micropoetry follow me and other poets on Twitter. There are a lot of us if you look through the hashtags.

My Poetry Stats

flower edit

I have written 769 poems as of yesterday. I have had 4 of them published. I thought as a fun little exercise I would list my stats here. I am also doing this because as I have said before, this blog also serves as a sort of time capsule for me. I meant to post this around 3 weeks ago right after I had titled and counted all of the poems after getting through the National Haiku Writing Month which is February. Today starts National Poetry Month and I am once again going to take on the challenge to write a poem a day for a whole month. After 3 years of NaHaiWriMo and three years of NaPoWriMo I feel brave enough to share my poems with you daily. So I am going to take a big leap and share my poems every night after I have written them. This may mean that I post them at 11:00pm at night, but I am going to try to do it. I had several people who had asked if I was going to share my haiku during NaHaiWriMo but I said no. So I will try it with this challenge this month and see how I do. So encouragement (Likes/Shares/Comments) would mean a lot this month!

I have written:

362 Japanese poems,
331 are haiku or senryu,
31 are tanka.

5 of my poems are cinquains.

I have written 257 poems in the last 12 months.


I will post an update of these stats in June and give more detailed stats if you would like to see them. If you want to see my blog stats go here. As of today I have published 684 posts on Failing at Haiku. You can look through the archive by scrolling to the bottom of this post and select a month to look at under the word Archives. There are 4 pages to this blog, which are the About Me and This Blog page, Poetry Definitions, What is Haiku? and My Personal Testimony (which is under the About Me page).

If you would like to see how many of my poems are titled vs. not, or how many of my poem’s titles contain the word “Morning” or how many are more than 12 lines long, let me know in the comments and I will give you those stats in June.