6 Years of Blogging

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red squirrel

taking a walk on the trail

my son chases him



Today is my blogging anniversary. I’ve been chasing this lifestyle for 6 years now. I have enjoyed it and I plan to continue. Life has not gone where I wanted it to, and I’ve been hit with quite a few sad surprises that have affected my writing this last year. Depression wants to creep in and take over, but I am finding ways to combat that. Surprisingly this time around, writing has not been my main outlet. Prayer and meditation have been. Prayer has always been a part of my life, but rarely the main part. For the last year, daily prayer (as in Quiet Time that lasts for an hour or more) and reading Christian self-help inspirational books, and caring for my son (of course!) has been my main focus. But I am writing here and there.
The haiku above is one of my newest. I hope to start writing more regularly soon. I plan to blog more than once a week from here on out. Thanks for reading, and leaving me such great comments! I hope you all are writing regularly and are brave enough to share it.


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This Girl is Gonna

Dancing on the Devil’s Head
I’ve prayed long enuff
Now Ima gonna write a 
Sermon to the devil
This girl is gonna
Dance on the devil’s head
I feel the Holy Ghost risin’
The Spirit is fillin’ the room
No need to pout and doubt
I’ll just dance and sing
I feel the Spirit risin’
I dare him to shut me down
I’m going to dance ’til
The demons give up and flee
Walls will fall and men faint
But I will march on
I’ve prayed long enuff
It’s time to get off of my knees
And pick up a battle axe

  July 18,2015
A heartsoup prompt helped me grow this poem from 5 lines to what it is now.


A quote about praying.

Don’t pray to escape trouble. Don’t pray to be comfortable in your emotions. Pray to do the will of God in every situation. Nothing else is worth praying for.  -Samuel M. Shoemaker


I really like this quote. Prayer is super important.

Little Children | A Poem

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Little Children

Let the children come to me
That was the decree
The greatest in the Kingdom is these
They hold the keys
Give to them to drink and I will remember
Rewards to you I will render
If you hurt them, a stone it’s said
Is better tied around your head
Than to be caught teaching lies
He always hears their cries


I wrote this quite a while back, but have decided to share it today.

5 Seasons

tree with orange leaves, trees changing colour

5 Seasons

It was just a shadow

The next test results will show

There is no reason for tears and fears

Again my face will glow


Stupid doctors with their vague answers

Calls to ears that don’t understand

I don’t have time for this

This was not the life I planned


I’ll buy the best doctor

Money doesn’t matter anymore

I tell God I’ll do anything

As I pray face down on the floor


I prayed, I gave, I ate healthy

What more was there to do

Now here I sit awaiting it

This is the season of blue


And now the last season

In which I find my peace

I lived the life I had

Now comes my release



I am surprised to find that I haven’t shared this poem yet. It is one of my favorites.

I hope you guys like it. Remember to hit the Like button if you do, or leave me a comment.

A holy place where I can be honest.


At the Altar

My heavy head lies on my arms

Tears stream down my hands

And pool on the glossy wood

I know I will have a red spot

On my forehead when I rise

But I cannot lift my head

It is too heavy with sadness

I have failed yet again

I was angry, jealous and selfish

But humility worked its way in

After conviction put a crack in the door

I am embarrassed to be here

But so thankful that I have a place

To fall to my knees in surrender

To have a holy place where I can be honest

Where I can start over

I take a deep breath and finish praying

Making a commitment to God

I will not be back here again

But in making that promise

God knows He has more work to do

Because He does not need us to be

Feeling accomplished and complacent

He wants us to be in a state of urgency

Running and hurrying to advance His work

Before the trumpet sounds

He wants us to know

The power that sin has

That people do stupid things

In times of weakness

So in bringing a hurting heart here

In laying down my sins and presumptions

I am picking up a piece of holiness



At or in what holy place do you most feel the presence of God?

Senryu on its knees.

lit candle, flame, light in the darkness

we pray on our knees
for ourselves but not the set
of knees beside us

How often do you pray for the person that sits beside you at work? How often do you pray for the people in your pew? How often do you stop to wonder if the person riding the bus with you is facing struggles like the ones that you are facing? I think that, while I pray for various people every day, I need to verbally ask people about how they are and let them know that I am praying for them more often.

The Chime of a Message Received

lines of clouds, blue sky


In His Presence

Clicking the mouse is addictive
You would almost swear
The glow of our screens
is filled with serotonin
but nothing compares
to the glow that fills me
when I come before you in prayer
No, nothing soothes me
Like the Holy Spirit nudging me
Steering me in the direction
That will best honor you
No flat screen TV will ever
Calm my raw nerves like You
The chime of a message received
Is nothing like the sound
Of Your voice crossing my soul
Let me always be able to
Unplug, mute and turn off
Anything that would drown You out
When your presence is waiting
To give me strength and peace

In the Silence

worship service, church, pew, sitting in church, house of God

In The Silence

In the silence I find you.
Not in the humming of the church choir.
Not in the shout of a preacher.
Not in the rustle of paper
as I read my devotional book.
But in the silence.
Your voice comes soft.
It eases my soul
and fills every void
left by this raging world.
It washes over me
like the cold creek water
that washed my body
the day I was baptized
in Your name.
In the silence I find you
I hear you call my name.

*God’s voice can be heard anywhere, but in the silence I hear it clearly.


Being a college student I do not have the money to enter poetry contests so I’m going to start sharing my poems on here again, where they will actually get seen. I think I will keep sharing Emily Dickinson on Wednesdays and share my long form poetry on Tuesdays. Scroll down and sign up with your email to have my poems come to your inbox. It would also encourage me to share my poems more if I get more likes and shares. 🙂

New Year’s Post from Failing at Haiku

brand new year, number 1, start of new year

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Living on the Solid Rock

Bible in my hand I’m holding steady
Bible in my lap I’m prayer ready
I stand on solid ground and believe
Our pains he will relieve
Down on my knees hands together
I’m not afraid of stormy weather
Praising and thanking I glorify Him
I pray on every whim
I denounce the devil and deny
His antics will not make me cry
I lift my hands in song
And admit every wrong
I am part of the eternal flock
I live standing on the solid Rock



As we enter a new year are you evaluating how you did things last year? We always think about what we are going to do in the coming year, but do you stop to consider how you did things last year, and that maybe if you want to succeed you will have to do things differently this year? Maybe this is the year to put your trust in God. Maybe this is the year to step out in faith. Maybe this is the year to evaluate your spiritual life and your priorities in life.

It was too late for Man

# 623
It was too late for Man –
But early, yet, for God
Creation – impotent to help –
But Prayer – remained – Our Side –

How excellent the Heaven –
When Earth – Cannot be had –
How hospitable – then – the face
Of our Old Neighbor – God –

Mark 10:27
And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

Pain on Wandering Wednesday

red rose, flower in a vase, single rose

The Pain


Abba Father I cry to you

From this pain I am so blue

It hurts so bad, it’s hard to stand

Please take and hold my hand

Take me and hold me tenderly

Its so hard to be friendly

When the pain is blinding

In hate, myself I am finding

Its hard to care and not to swear

To have more mercy I can barely dare

Ease it away take it far

From this trial I will surely scar




On the days when I am moody and my temper is short because I am in pain, I try really hard not to take it out on anybody.
I photo shopped a picture of a rose to make it look like I drew it. What do you think?