In a time of Distress

coffee cup,spoon and cup,clean dishes,

This is a psalm written by me.

In a Time of a Distress

Writing to keep the demons away,

writing to keep my fears at bay.

How silly it looks written down,

why am I wearing this frown?

Worry paves a path across my forehead.

My mind fills with dread.

Pacing in the kitchen I pray:

“Healthy and happy, let us all stay.”

So many things to wash, no time to sit still.

To forget about this I do not have the will.

So I pick up The Good Book for comfort

where He talks about all kinds of hurt.

God is there in Heaven above

with mercy He sends down His great love.

A sigh of relief slips past my lips.

I have found some good coping tips.

He will not give us more than we can carry,

but tonight the future is scary.

One day there will be no more tears

with this I silence my fears.

Sitting here I pray for the easy path,

praying to escape the wrath

of whatever demon lies beyond my door.

The battle will make me love God more.

Give me a sword God, give me a shield,

help me to make it across this field.


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Endless Wine and Prayers

  Wine Soaked

Endless wine and prayers
pour in and out of our mouth
and we can’t understand
why God doesn’t answer.

This is a continuation of my small stones poetry collection. I forget which prompt I wrote this poem for.
There is no type-o in this poem. I talked about writing poetry about Jesus in an earlier post, see it here.
psalm 119:105, lamp, thy word, light unto my path,

This Test

storm, storms, clouds, rain, rain falling from clouds

This Test


Been pushed to my knees and can’t get up

Please pray with me while I drink from this cup

The weight is so much, the pressure so heavy

Please God, break the levy

I’m down on my hands and knees

Will I ever cross these stormy seas

This test has gone on for so long

Lord what have I done wrong


I know this poem is short, but it felt finished. I don’t think poems that are two pages long are better than poems that are only 12 lines long. It is what is in the poem. This poem is about a feeling that we often feel for a moment, an hour, a day. I thought forcing myself to stretch it longer for the sake of it being long would have been a disservice to the poem.

A Quote about prayer.

No one is a firmer believer in the power of prayer than the devil; not that he practices it, but he suffers from it.   –Guy H. King


Doctors actually suggest that people meditate and pray and find a religion they feel comfortable with. It has been proven in several studies that having a belief system helps people to cope with illness better and recover better. People of faith are found live longer, no matter what their faith, worldwide.

Another reject on Wandering Wednesday

small flame

Compulsive Giver

Why do I bother? Why do I try?
Giving pieces of myself away,
for people to hold,
only to have those fragile pieces
smashed to bits in front of me.
My head is bloody
from hitting it against the wall
in this futile task.
I try so hard to be considerate-
only to find
that no one considered my feelings.
Why do I have this,
this need!?
This compulsion
to give myself away,
when no one out there
finds me worth receiving.
I give away my clothes,
pots and pans,
food, prayers,
the very core of my soul!
Only to be told,
“Thanks anyway.”

This is another poem of mine that I have been trying to get published. It is kind of ironic that it is a rejected poem.

How is your week going?