6 Years of Blogging

FaH banner2

red squirrel

taking a walk on the trail

my son chases him



Today is my blogging anniversary. I’ve been chasing this lifestyle for 6 years now. I have enjoyed it and I plan to continue. Life has not gone where I wanted it to, and I’ve been hit with quite a few sad surprises that have affected my writing this last year. Depression wants to creep in and take over, but I am finding ways to combat that. Surprisingly this time around, writing has not been my main outlet. Prayer and meditation have been. Prayer has always been a part of my life, but rarely the main part. For the last year, daily prayer (as in Quiet Time that lasts for an hour or more) and reading Christian self-help inspirational books, and caring for my son (of course!) has been my main focus. But I am writing here and there.
The haiku above is one of my newest. I hope to start writing more regularly soon. I plan to blog more than once a week from here on out. Thanks for reading, and leaving me such great comments! I hope you all are writing regularly and are brave enough to share it.


poet symanntha renn failing at haiku image

Why you should read fairy tales to your children.

Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.

-G.K. Chesterton


I love this quote. So, so, much. What is one of your favorite quotes?


fully bloomed daffodil,yellow flowers,flower in sunlight,morning daffodil,

The Book

The Book
a book made up of
sixty-six books

King James Version, The Word of God, KJV,The Living Word of God

This poem was inspired by a 2014 NaHaiWriMo prompt. I just think it is interesting that the Bible is often referred to as “The Good Book” but it is actually several books, or letters compiled together.


More Than Other Books

A single line in the Bible has consoled me more than all the books I have ever read besides. -Immanuel Kent


What books console you?

A short poem about old friends.

Bookshelf at the Missouri Governor's Mansion

Bookshelf at the Missouri Governor’s Mansion


old friends
stand at the ready


I hope you are able to curl up with an old friend this week.

Seeds of Freedom

seed pod, flower seeds, plant seed

she was handed a book

she read the book and that

is when the seeds of freedom were planted


Watching someone learn and grow while reading a book is a cool thing. Watching someone change their behaviour because of a book is cool too. Today is International Literacy Day; consider giving someone a book as a gift. If they can’t read, offer to help them find a class in their area that will teach them.

There is no Frigate like a Book


There is no Frigate like a Book

To take us Lands away

Nor any Coursers like a Page

Of prancing Poetry –

This Traverse may the poorest take

Without oppress of Toll –

How frugal is the Chariot

That bears the Human soul.



Have you ever realized that a book is an inexpensive way to take a vacation?

A quote about readers.

Readers are plentiful, thinkers are rare. -Harriet Martineau



This Green Peach


this green peach

awed and humbled by the

ancient master

I am just taken aback when I read Basho’s haiku.

If you like haiku and haven’t taken the time to seek out a collection of his poetry, you are really missing out.
What has humbled you lately?

I did it.

Well, I did it.  I took the time and I made a blog.  I hope that people like what they find here.  Whether you are amused, appalled, left in wonderment or tears, I hope you take the time to look around.  I have varied tastes and you might just find something you like.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter. I re-tweet things that I think are worthy of thinking about. I tweet about 10 times a day. I am a big SouthLAnd fan and I tweet about other television shows (In Plain Sight, Necessary Roughness, Criminal Minds and many more) as well as worthy causes like End the Backlog.

I plan to put up one new poem a week for the rest of this blog’s existence.  I will be adding links to other poetry sites and blogs that I think are worthy of your reading time.