Endless Winter

  Endless Winter

The sadness

was supposed to last

for one winter

but spring never came.

The snow smothered us 

under a sunless sky.


This was written for a #FieryVerse prompt on Twitter on January 23, 2017. I need to get back into the poetry circles on Twitter and start looking at these prompts every day. There are amazing prompts on Twitter every day and I would probably find more to write about if I would look them up. It would also help if Twitter would just show me the tweets as they are posted instead of showing me the tweets of those I interacted with last. Don’t you hate that?

crepe myrtle in winter,crepe myrtle in the snow,covered in snow,weighed down by snow,


A post about the mind.

cloudy blue sky


Lost Sunlight

Sunlight falls into the house,
floating down from the window as if lost.
Should it really be here?
In this dusty dreary place?
The light creeps into the corners,
it stops at the couch and thinks,
thinks about traveling the hallway.
But there is only sadness down that way.
That is not a place for sun to be.
Tears flood that room and all sound is drowned out.
The sunlight recedes, backs to the window.
It slowly fades back out….
Knowing its not wanted in that dreary place.


Today is World Mental Health Day. Here is a link to last year’s post with numbers you can call if your mind is overwhelming you.