Shoe String Tanka

a quick lesson
chasing the bunny before
the school day starts
he still needs my help with them
shoe strings keep coming untied

I wrote this last year for a #WrittenRiver prompt. Today was my son’s first day in 2nd Grade. He can tie his shoes, and do lots of other things, but there is still so much for him to learn. He picked out his first-day outfit, which was all blue, and he picked out a backpack that lights up. The Pokeball is his lunch box.

light up pokemon backpack,all blue.



Pickup Line Haiku

line of storm clouds
line for parent pickup
line of red cannas


Today was the last day of summer school. Yay! So no more parent pickup for a while. It’s funny that I wrote this last year because it stormed today and my cannas are blooming. My cannas flowers are just now budding out. I have to sprinkle them with Sevin Dust before the Japanese beetles eat them and ruin their beauty. Follow me on Instagram to see what my son said about the last day of summer school.

cannas flowers,cannas plants,red cannas,blooming flowers,



School Haiku

black and yellow butterfly,butterfly palace,red flowers,

getting ready for school, butterflies frantically kiss little flowers

  August 12th, 2015


Every now and then I write a haiku in a way that really pleases me.

Grass Grows Long

lucifer flowers,lucifer blooms,purple flame phlox,morning glory hosta,

grass grows long
flowers spread across flowerbed
school will be out soon

I wrote this 13 months ago.

Also, something really weird happened on my computer. I take a lot of photos specifically for my blog. I organize them in folders, such as flowers, people, animals, et Cetera. Well, a couple of weeks ago while I was organizing new photos into my folders, my people folder just disappeared. I tried hitting “undo” but it still didn’t show up. When I was creating this post last week I noticed there were photos in my folders that I have already used on my blog. Usually, when I use a photo, I put it in the “already used” folder so that you guys never see the same photo twice. Well, things are all mixed up now, and I literally do not have the time to sort them, or to take more photos. So you might see familiar photos for a month or so. I will try to pick pretty ones, I hope you all aren’t too bored and continue to take the time to read my work.

Smart Tanka

pink and white flower


gave the neighbor girl

a tool that she would need

a dictionary

for her school assignments

for her life assignments


What gifts have you given this season that you were proud of or super happy to have given?

Emily Dickinson describes the fall.

# 219

She sweeps with many-colored Brooms –

And leaves the Shreds behind –

Oh Housewife in the Evening West –

Come back, and dust the Pond!


You dropped a Purple Ravelling in –

You dropped an Amber thread –

And now you’ve littered all the East

With Duds of Emerald!


And still, she plies her spotted Brooms,

And still the Aprons fly,

Till Brooms fade softly into stars –

And then I come away-



This week’s poem features the first Dickinson poem I ever read. I read it in Elementary School.

Do you remember the first poem you read that was by Emily Dickinson? Tell me in a comment!

A quote about the uneducated.

To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks.  –A. A. Milne

Knowledge is power.


he watches

the big boys walk past

they too are small


Dad and Son Walking

I remember watching the big kids walk across the playground when I was in grade school, and being mesmerized. I didn’t realize just how young a high schooler was.
I remember wondering if I would get that big.
It’s an interesting experience to watch my son, and know he is thinking those same thoughts.

Haiku # 12

empty cars in lot

children shopping for supplies

mom hides a smile


Yes school has started again. My child isn’t old enough to go to school yet, but I think I will definitely be emotional the day he does. I am emotional for other mothers this year. When it’s Gabe’s turn I may have to be drugged with Zanax or something!