Nice Senryu

everyone wants an
honest answer from us
as long as it’s nice

So this is not really haiku, and I almost erased it except that people on Twitter liked it so much. This may be senryu, but I think it’s a stretch. Read the definition for senryu on my What is Haiku? page and tell me what you think in the comments on this post.



Senryu from a Mom


sick toddler
when the stillness
becomes scary

I like senryu because I like to record moments that happen in my family. I often see these special moments through nature, but sometimes they come by themselves with nothing else attached.

A Senryu about Fun.

close up of eye with blue eyeshadow

Not my eye.

smudge of blue
remains on my eye
the fun lingers


After our New Year’s party I had trouble getting my eyeshadow off. This little poem came to me as I was standing in front of the mirror. Technically it is a senryu, but no one seems to differentiate between the two any more. I have decided that this is my blog and since I feel there is a difference between senryu and haiku, I am going to call them what they are and put them in the appropriate category.


What kind of fun have you been having lately?