PAD Challenge Day 24

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    Giving In
The thought
  E X P A N D S
Inside of mE
  like a  h o l l o w  point bullet
the fortitude
       from my flesh.
dissolves like paper iN tHe RaIn.
Any hope for me
April 26, 2018
This is shape poetry. The prompt was to write an anti-form poem. I hope this counts. The first half of this is a line that I have been trying to use for over 2 years now. Tell me what you think, I would really like some feedback on this one!

Frosted Poetry

tiny icicles,frost,winter,hard grost,iced over,


the old man tells us stories

man tells us stories


of when he was

a boy

before the white


to his face like

hoar frost



I wrote this for a #ShapePoetry prompt on January 15, 2017. The poem’s shape is supposed to remind you of the tiny white frost that sticks up like spikes.


Midsummer Tears


Midsummer Tears

Don’t tell me
When I can have
My mid life crisis

I’ll have a break down
Mid summer
In my mid twenties

I’ll buy red lip stick
Cry until my eye shadow
Runs down my cheek

June 22, 2015

Did you know that a quarterlife crisis is a thing? It happens to people.
This lovely little poem was inspired by a #ShapePoetry prompt on Twitter. I wish I could write for more of their prompts. I love concrete poetry! I just feel so rushed and so drained that I haven’t produced much for a while. NaHaiWriMo in February always refreshes me, maybe Christmas will inspire me when we get closer to it.

Shapes in a Dream


Here is another shape poem. I have been wanting to write more of these, but work has me really busy and I have not been writing as much as I would like to be.

Hither or Yon

woods,trees,green forest,
Somewhere Else
Not Here
……Not There
…Nor Over There
.Not Hither
…..Or Yon
..Just Somewhere Else

I wrote this for a Shape Poetry prompt on Twitter. Originally it did not have the periods in it, but I could not get it to format correctly without them so I had to use them in this post.

Last Times ~ shape poetry

So I am super excited!! I wrote a poem last night that was shape poetry. I love shape poetry and have been trying to do it with long poems for years, and failing. Maybe if I try it with micropoetry I will have better success; what do you think? There is an account on Twitter that tweets out prompts for shape (or visual or concrete) poetry on Saturdays and Sunday’s, check them out HERE