Black Moon Haiku

missouri sunrise,early morning,

red sun, black moon
sun gazing for the first time
total eclipse
  8- 21- 2017


I started writing again the day of the Full Solar Eclipse. I started writing poetry, but I have had trouble typing up blog posts. Side note, there are people out there who are “sun gazers” who stare at the sun. Don’t do that. But do leave me a like and a comment!


Thin Haiku

crawling to the edge
like a squirrel about to jump
trusting thin branches


This was written in response to a #haikuchallenge found on Twitter.

nests,squirrels,fall,autumn,nest in the tree,

Squirrel nests high in the trees.

Day 28 NaHaiWriMo 2017

we say the flowers

are budding out too early

mother nature sighs


Today’s prompt was “nature” again. So I tried to write a haiku that was a comment on how climate change is making spring come sooner. What we call “too early” may be the new normal because of global warming.
Anyhow, this is my last poem for National Haiku Writing Month 2017. Be sure to check out the others and leave me a comment on your favorite haiku.

scribbles in a notebook,poetry notebook,writing,blogging,haiku,writer,poet,

Symanntha Renn

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Day 19 NaHaiWriMo 2017

cherry blossoms

trying to beat the squirrels

to the fruit this spring


Today’s prompt was “cherry blossom” and I was thinking about when my mom had a cherry tree. She always tried to get enough cherries for one pie. But it was hard because she had a lot of squirrels and they would eat the cherries as soon as they turned ripe. 

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scribbles in a notebook,poetry notebook,writing,blogging,haiku,writer,poet,

Symanntha Renn

Haiku in Nature

stretch marks like bark on a tree trunk – the way nature shows maturity


I wrote this haiku for a #soulwords prompt on 7-1-2015.

big tree,older tree,bark,

Harsh Light Haiku

moonflower vine,moonflower blossom,closed moonflower,moonflower close up,

not wanting to be
judged in the harsh light of day
closed moonflower bloom


Some days you just want to curl up into a ball and ignore the fact that it is day.



neon lights
alcohol draws people in
bug zapper sparks



I am really happy with this haiku. Haiku are supposed to have juxtaposition and I think I did a good job of that in this one.

Grass Haiku

american welcome,new grass,daffodils,front yard,

mist softens the earth
the earth lets grass spring up
recognizing the season



Recognize the season that you’re in, then embrace it.

Sturdy Haiku

tall flowers,dark red hollyhock,flowers with big leaves,

sturdy stalk of the
hollyhock holds red blossoms
I straighten my spine



It’s going to be a long week. But I will get through it. Just like I have gotten through other hard weeks.

Haiku in the Stillness

leaves shaken from trees
leaves blown from flowerbed
now the wind is still


In the stillness you can hear so much. I hope you get a moment of stillness this week. I hope you take a moment to be still today and hear what there is to hear.

daffodils budding out,spring flowers,freshly planted flowers,

Bird Feathers


every morning
the bird decays further
’til he is only feathers


I started dating my poems halfway through last year. I wish I had always dated them. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to leave the dates off. My attitude towards writing and poetry has changed a little bit in the past decade. I wonder what I will be like, or what style I will use a decade from now?

My Poetry NaHaiWriMo Day 2

the art of zazen
I would like to try it
once my kid is in bed

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I hope you remembered to write your own haiku poem for the first day of National Haiku Writing Month. If you are unsure of the rules/definition/form of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page. Feel free to direct any friends there who may be unsure of what is happening in the poetry community this month.
Also tell them to check out the Facebook page where most of us meet to get a prompt and share our work. Today’s prompt is “zazen”.

To make this easier on myself, I think I will use 1 image for this week, and then I will pick a different image to use for all of my posts next week. If I am going to share my poetry with you every day, I will have to streamline things.

red cannas,blooming cannas,dwarf cannas