2014 Senryu


a new me
my sunburn has peeled
July 2014


The picture above was taken in 2014. It is hard to find pictures of me by myself so here is one of me and my husband.

I don’t know why I haven’t shared all of my 2014 haiku with you guys, but I haven’t. I tried to go back through my old haiku in April, which is National Poetry Month and share all of the haiku that I had been too scared to share. Some of it I hadn’t shared because I was waiting for a good post, or a cute story to go with it and it never came so I shared without words. Leave me a comment and tell me if you prefer posts with just the poems and no words.


Nice Senryu

everyone wants an
honest answer from us
as long as it’s nice

So this is not really haiku, and I almost erased it except that people on Twitter liked it so much. This may be senryu, but I think it’s a stretch. Read the definition for senryu on my What is Haiku? page and tell me what you think in the comments on this post.


Badges of Honor

dying vines,looking down a wall,vines growing on a wall,

Badges of Honor

Badges of honor streak my side,
A physical battle taken in stride.
Marks of mothering plain to see,
Months of carrying life show on me.
Hours of laboring to bring forth a soul,
Mark the motherhood that I now hold.
Of which some would be grateful to have,
I wear that notion like a healing salve.


I wrote this a long time ago. I was going to wait to share a lot of my poems until I could write a book, but I don’t see a book of motherhood poetry selling well (I don’t want to self-publish, I want a company to do it.). Also, I will not be done writing my mommy poetry for probably another 20 years.

Tanka Tuesday

peppermint hollyhock

I have decided that since I have written so many tanka, it might be fun to do Tanka Tuesday for a while. I will post them in chronological order, skipping the tanka that I have already posted. Leave me some Likes and comments if you like this kind of poetry.


Unexpected Death

Have a good day says
the lady at the drive through.
I do not have time
to explain that I cannot.
Unexpected death.

(RIP Alice Mullin)

Strong Winter Tea

winter is here,snow on the deck,snowfall,
brewed with lemons
no sugar nor milk
strong winter tea

To see how winter factors into my haiku as a kigo go here. Kigo means a body of recognized season words developed in Japan that became a standard part of the haiku form. Although the term “kigo” was coined as late as 1908, representation of and reference to the seasons has long been important in Japanese culture and poetry. To see what other haiku words mean go to my What is Haiku? page and scroll to the bottom.

Time Rectifies

large bell,old fashion bell,

Time Rectifies

Time rectifies
He is my friend
His brother Death
Is a cruel soldier
But Time came through
And made me Victor

This micro poem was written on 6-22-2015 and inspired by #Ntitle 475.
It took a full 7 days, but my jaw finally felt better yesterday. I feel like I can eat normally, but I know I have to stay away from sticky foods until I get my permanent teeth put in.

Mars’ Dust

evening sky, sun setting,

Mar’s Dust

I was told
that I’d like Venus
I’d find common ground there
But not all girls
Can breathe that air
I’ve got Mars’ dust
On my shoulder

So I still have quite a bit of small stones poetry to share with you. I hope you are enjoying these. When I have shared all of these I think I will share my cinquain with you. This was written for #Ntitle prompt 381.
This is my 800th post. I have been blogging here for 4 years as of August 11th, 2015.

My first small stone poem of 2015.

evening clouds,


I folded my feelings
and tucked them away
with the summer clothes
you don’t need storms
you prefer a quiet cabin
in which to plan our life

We are now into the small stone poetry that I began writing in 2015. Everything I have been sharing in the last 2 months was written in 2014. This one is from early in January, it was written for a Written River prompt and was first posted on Twitter to that hashtag.
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Endless Wine and Prayers

  Wine Soaked

Endless wine and prayers
pour in and out of our mouth
and we can’t understand
why God doesn’t answer.

This is a continuation of my small stones poetry collection. I forget which prompt I wrote this poem for.
There is no type-o in this poem. I talked about writing poetry about Jesus in an earlier post, see it here.
psalm 119:105, lamp, thy word, light unto my path,

Devil’s Tower

This is a small stone poem that I wrote for a #HeartSoup prompt.

Devil’s Tower
I found myself in
The devil’s tower
I tried to squeeze through a
Window but could not
When I looked around
I found Jesus
Had already opened the door.

old barn,rustic,hayloft,hay equipment,barn door,sunlight,crack in the door,

Dusk |a poem

sunset,pink clouds,the sky turning pink,the sky changing colors,setting sun,

the day began to blur
blue became pink
as the sky was embarrassed
to admit he was tired

This poem was written for a #WrittenRiver prompt. If you are liking these short poems, I really encourage you to search these hashtags on Twitter. Also, make sure that you follow me on Twitter and follow this blog by email or through a reader.

Schrodinger’s Tree

Schrodinger’s tree
alive or dead can’t tell
Spring opens the hand

All of my trees have survived the winter and started putting on blooms and leaves. I am so happy! What are you happy about this spring?
leaves sprouting on tree,new leaves,tree leaves,tree in the spring,