Small Stones Essence


If I

held you in my hand

what would you feel like?

Warm sunshine

the brushing of a butterfly?

Or ice that freezes

even after I let go?



So I shared a lot of my small stones poetry with you guys in 2015. I have written more here and there throughout the last 2 years and so I am going to figure out what I have and haven’t shared and post it as filler. I wrote 17 small stones poems in 2017, how interesting is that? I might share it on Wednesday or Friday or even Tuesday. To see the little poems that I wrote to capture a feeling or a mood, follow me by email.

This was written for a #DimpleVerse prompt. It could be called a love poem but I’m not sure. It is about someone wondering what would happen if they got close to someone else. Not all relationships are romantic.
morning sun,pink sky,burning sun,sunrise in the midwest,


I’m learning how to use it

  Not Afraid
I’ve stopped being
afraid of my shadow
I’m learning how to use it
When to darken a room
bring a day to an end
When to pull back
and let the sun shine



This was written for a prompt #37 put up by #focusedverse on Twitter.


They Bled Me for Words

dried up tree,dry pond,empty pond,cleaning a pond,dry fishery,

They bled me for words
not knowing I was all used up
Like the woman at the well standing
next to everlasting water
but feeling dry as
dead bones in the desert
I thought my well had gone dry
then I heard a splash



I wrote this for a #WrittenRiver prompt. There is always hope. There is always something to write about. Pick a different form, pick a different medium. There is water in the desert, one just has to know where to look. Are you making a new year’s resolution that has to do with writing? Tell me about it in the comments.

Timing is Everything



leaves twirl down





  a trapeze


timing is everything



Yep, you guessed it! This poem was inspired by the account and hashtag #ShapePoetry on Twitter. There are some great poetry accounts and great poets on Twitter. There are also poets who encourage other poets. Check it out. It’s a great community. I go missing for months and they are still so supportive when I show back up.

A Lucid Daydream


painted tree,sign of hope,spirit tree,big sky,cloudy sky,


Maybe it is just
a lucid daydream
Maybe I’m not
really sitting here
Maybe it’s going
to be alright


I wish I could say I have written more for the #Writtenriver poetry prompt, but this is the last one I wrote for them. I hope to start feeling inspired and less tired this month. I think my hours are going to stay the same at my job for a while and I should be able to get a regular schedule down. I just feel so drained. I haven’t written anything since early October. I know that is just about 2 months but I am starting to get concerned with myself. I have plenty of old poetry that I can post to the blog, I just wish I could still churn out new poetry like I was doing last year.

Time Rectifies

large bell,old fashion bell,

Time Rectifies

Time rectifies
He is my friend
His brother Death
Is a cruel soldier
But Time came through
And made me Victor

This micro poem was written on 6-22-2015 and inspired by #Ntitle 475.
It took a full 7 days, but my jaw finally felt better yesterday. I feel like I can eat normally, but I know I have to stay away from sticky foods until I get my permanent teeth put in.

Like Marbles Rattling


Like Marbles Rattling

It is a burden
to carry around
like marbles rattling
in a mason jar
like a splinter
you can’t pull out
chronic regret
plaguing my mind


This poem was inspired by #orjay no. 506.

Monday did not go well. The Orthodontist that was working on me was in a hurry (she started on me an hour late) and didn’t stop to give me a break when I asked her to. She opened my mouth as far as it would open, then put clamps on my jaw so that it would stay open, and she left me like that for 2 hours. She was only done with 1 tooth when I started motioning for her to stop. She told me to wait, my tooth wasn’t set. I started crying and she said 10 more minutes. When she finally took the clamps out, the nurse got upset.

My jaw was locked open. I couldn’t shut my mouth I could only cry. The dentist looked in my face and told me, “You have to relax.” and started massaging my jaw. After about a minute, she forced my jaw to close. I think she actually dislocated my jaw. She said she wished she had known my jaw was going to lock up because then she would have done sedation dentistry; like it was my fault for not telling her. She said, “that scares my nurses when that happens. It scares me too.”
This has never happened to me before and I have had a lot of dental work done. So when I got home, I called my dentist and told them what had happened. The receptionist at my Dentist told me she was sorry, I’m not sure that the others did. It is hard to remember because I was in so much pain and so upset. I will have to go to another Orthodontist in December to finish the root canal on the 2nd tooth, then I will have to go back to my dentist for 2 permanent teeth.
It is Thursday and I am still sore on the right side of my face. The Orthodontist gave me muscle relaxers, but there were storms in our area that night so our weather radio kept waking me up. I did not get much sleep. I was so tense that I could barely tell I had taken any medicine.

The Woman I Am

The Woman I Am

The woman I thought
I’d never be
Faded into me
She tiptoed out of a dream
Laced my bones with flesh
Started life afresh

This was written after seeing #WrittenRiver prompt 320. A lot of people seemed to like it on Twitter, what do you think?

I once danced beneath the night sky.

supermoon rising,big moon,full moon,

Drops of Starfire
My hair is the color
of fire and passion
because I once danced
beneath the night sky
and drops of starfire
fell on my head.
Nothing can put this fire out.
It is a blaze unlike any other
heating me through and through
making me burn bright.
I must learn to wield this light
I cannot disappoint
the stars.

This poem was inspired by a microprompt, #Madverse No. 316.

The Cruelest Month

strawberry planter,broken flower pot,succulents,hens and chickens flower,
The Cruelest Month

the cruelest month
is not the one in which
ice first comes
it is not the one where
the sun bakes the earth
it is the one when
all my deeds are due
the sun may shine gently
but all eyes are on me
this is the cruelest month
This was written in response to a #ntitle prompt. Everyone is different. The season that they like the best may not be the one you like the best.

A Strange Love

moonflower vine,vine on trellis,

A Strange Love
Metal cold and unbending
Vine twisting and green
They only make sense together
One without the other obscene

I wrote a love poem! I was inspired by a #FieryVerse prompt on Twitter earlier this year.

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Short poetry in the Dentist’s Office.

fireworks,red fireworks,exploding fireworks,fireworks at night,
  Dentist’s Office.

I am just a drum beat
A note of sound
The water drop on the lamp dried
Long before I laid down
Fingers on the skin on my chin
I’m still in the dentist’s chair
I see my coat hanging on the wall
Coming back to reality
I thought of a couple of these lines while under the laughing gas at the Dentist. I tried to make them into a long poem and it just didn’t work. This is as far as I got.