Seasonal Haiku

irises in winter, irises break thru ice,flowers in the snow,green things growing in winter,

rain snow ice sunshine
four seasons in the four states
the perfect home



I really do like all of the seasons and I really love living in an area where I get to experience all four seasons in fullness. The Ozarks really is a beautiful place to live. Do you get to experience spring, summer, autumn, and winter?


White Out Haiku


white horse on white snow
hard to tell the two apart
mixture of feelings



Still in limbo. I’m trying to get to where I need to be, but it isn’t easy. I am really wanting to post more, but life happened. Please stick with me as I am still writing and will be posting poetry for years to come.

Endless Winter

  Endless Winter

The sadness

was supposed to last

for one winter

but spring never came.

The snow smothered us 

under a sunless sky.


This was written for a #FieryVerse prompt on Twitter on January 23, 2017. I need to get back into the poetry circles on Twitter and start looking at these prompts every day. There are amazing prompts on Twitter every day and I would probably find more to write about if I would look them up. It would also help if Twitter would just show me the tweets as they are posted instead of showing me the tweets of those I interacted with last. Don’t you hate that?

crepe myrtle in winter,crepe myrtle in the snow,covered in snow,weighed down by snow,

March Haiku

ice encased tree,small tree with snow,

March spins the cylinder
cocks the hammer
will we be blasted with snow

I have been patiently waiting to share this with you all, I hope you like it! How many times have you gotten snowed on in late March?

First Snow Haiku

first snow fall
adults sigh
children shout

I forgot to post this at the first snowfall in my area because I was at work and it only snowed for like 10 minutes before it switched back into rain. I hope you can enjoy it today!

A dusting of haiku.

christmas tree
light dusting of snow
family Christmas dinner
white in the uncles’ hair
I hope you get to enjoy the holidays, especially Christmas, with your family. I hope you seize the opportunity to go to as many dinners as you can, while the people you love are still here to celebrate with.

Driving with Haiku

sparkling snow,winter,snowy road,snowfall,snow,
black tracks in
the virgin snow
driving where I shouldn’t

This haiku was written two years ago for a NaHaiWriMo prompt. I wrote a lot of winter haiku that February and have not shared it yet, so even though it is still autumn I am going to start sharing my winter haiku. This coming February I will post my haiku to the blog every day during NaHaiWriMo. I just hope I can write one every day!!

Rain and Snow in a Haiku

rain and snow
soften the earth
gardens bloom once more


So, have you gotten to take any fun pictures with the crazy weather that is happening all around the world? I took this one two springs ago. We got snow on May 3rd. It was the latest that snow had fallen in the Ozarks in 69 years.

snow in flowerbed, snow on flowers, flower in the snow

White Petal Haiku

tree with ice on it
white flakes
become white petals
winter flies into spring

It’s that time of year where we get really cool photographs. Roses and other flowers encased in ice and snow. New birds start arriving, and in the blink of an eye it’s spring.

Snow Haiku

flakes so big

they fall straight down

snowman building snow

Did you get to build a snowman yet this winter?
little snowman, playing in the snow

Snowy Haiku

sparkling snow, snowfall, virgin snow

first snowfall

of the new year

blank slate

Ignore the date in the corner, as this poem was written on January 1st 2014. It snowed the night of the first day of 2014 in my area. So very poetic and symbolic. What you are going to do with your blank slate?

Secret Snow

melting snow


Have you ever noticed that you can figure out where the shadows of buildings are during the winter by watching where the snow melts last?