Those Years Haiku

sandwich years
send the kid to school
take mom to the doctor


…and we’re there. It’s time to learn how to be a caretaker to people of all ages. 

rose, pink flower,blooming rose,opeing flower,light pink rose,flower in bloom,blossom,


Shoe String Tanka

a quick lesson
chasing the bunny before
the school day starts
he still needs my help with them
shoe strings keep coming untied

I wrote this last year for a #WrittenRiver prompt. Today was my son’s first day in 2nd Grade. He can tie his shoes, and do lots of other things, but there is still so much for him to learn. He picked out his first-day outfit, which was all blue, and he picked out a backpack that lights up. The Pokeball is his lunch box.

light up pokemon backpack,all blue.


6 Years of Blogging

FaH banner2

red squirrel

taking a walk on the trail

my son chases him



Today is my blogging anniversary. I’ve been chasing this lifestyle for 6 years now. I have enjoyed it and I plan to continue. Life has not gone where I wanted it to, and I’ve been hit with quite a few sad surprises that have affected my writing this last year. Depression wants to creep in and take over, but I am finding ways to combat that. Surprisingly this time around, writing has not been my main outlet. Prayer and meditation have been. Prayer has always been a part of my life, but rarely the main part. For the last year, daily prayer (as in Quiet Time that lasts for an hour or more) and reading Christian self-help inspirational books, and caring for my son (of course!) has been my main focus. But I am writing here and there.
The haiku above is one of my newest. I hope to start writing more regularly soon. I plan to blog more than once a week from here on out. Thanks for reading, and leaving me such great comments! I hope you all are writing regularly and are brave enough to share it.


poet symanntha renn failing at haiku image

Pickup Line Haiku

line of storm clouds
line for parent pickup
line of red cannas


Today was the last day of summer school. Yay! So no more parent pickup for a while. It’s funny that I wrote this last year because it stormed today and my cannas are blooming. My cannas flowers are just now budding out. I have to sprinkle them with Sevin Dust before the Japanese beetles eat them and ruin their beauty. Follow me on Instagram to see what my son said about the last day of summer school.

cannas flowers,cannas plants,red cannas,blooming flowers,



Incompetent Haiku

call him early
or call me incompetent
we were in God’s hands


I have been reluctant to share this one because I am not sure what to write with it. I guess since I believe 3 line poems are powerful enough to stand on their own, you don’t need an explanation. I will say that my baby boy was born at 37 weeks, and was just days past being “premature.” Statistics say this is why he is slightly asthmatic.

baby holding his feet

Full Haiku

ears full of laughter
faces full of smiles
night of full cold moon


This year and has been long and hard, but I have enjoyed it pieces of it. I have had my husband and son beside me the whole time and we enjoy each other every day. That is why I have made it through; because I have their love. These pictures are of the blood moon eclipse that happened in September 2016.



I am ripped open
But it’s weeks
Before I realize
My mind has been
Ripped open too.
Diapers and bottles
Keep me rushing about
But after I have
Some time to reflect
I realize how different
I am
Not just the house
Not just my routines
But me
My reaction to movies
I’ve seen a dozen times
To crying children
To grown men
Going to jail for life
Nothing is simple anymore
And I can see
The child in every person
I can see mistakes
It’s as if the scales
Have fallen from
My eyes

4th of july with children

Summertime Again

daisy weeds


Summertime again
seeing flowers bloom
son needs longer pants

Written in January of 2016.


Delicate Flower Haiku

moonflower bud,closed moonflower,moonflowers during the day,

morning light too bright
for the delicate flower
she twists herself shut


Things are the same with my kiddo. He either has pneumonia or asthma. He is on some really strong antibiotics and he has just started Singulair. He is going to take it at night, I am hoping that if I give it to him at bedtime, right as he goes to bed, that it won’t make him hyper. The doctor told me back on the 3rd that he would cough for the next 6 weeks.
He is normally a very active and bouncy kiddo. It is weird to see him just sit for hours. He is usually hanging off of something or jumping off of something, or battling with toys in the floor. The only good thing about him feeling bad is he wants to cuddle. So I have gotten a lot of cuddles in this past month, but that is only because he is sitting still on the couch with me. I am hoping this round of meds will get rid of whatever is wrong with him.

Coughing Moon

errie moon,full moon,cloudy night,foggy night,big moon,

howls from coyotes
barking in the distance
coughing moon

My baby boy is still sick. I am so stressed out my eye is twitching and my face is completely broken out. I pray every day for him to be completely well. I have thrown away his toothbrush three times. Disinfected the entire house several times. I got him prescription cough syrup. Changed the bedsheets. Washed his clothes in a different detergent. I had him breathe in lavender and take different courses of antibiotics. And he is still running a fever and coughing. I am taking him back to the doctor today, I hope she figures something out.

Tanka Tuesday | Summer Tanka



walking the block to
see which bike fits the boy best
Guided home by the
lightning bugs, North Star follows
the moon, husband follows son


Well, dear readers, this is the last Tanka Tuesday that I will do for a while. I have run out of Tanka. Sorry that I skipped last Tuesday. That was a hard day at work and I just completely forgot to post anything. I will share new Tanka as I write it, I might entitle the post “Tanka Tuesday” or I might not.

Would you like me to label it Tanka Tuesday so that you will know when I post my next one?

Day 25 of NaHaiWriMo

finding the monkeys
at the zoo, every time
son hangs on the fence

If you are unsure of the rules of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page. Also, please stop by the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work.

It would also be nice of you to go to that Facebook page and click Like on people’s posts to encourage them in their writing.

Today’s prompt was  “zoo or zookeeper or zoological”. If I didn’t have my son for a muse I would not be able to write as much poetry as I do.

bouquet of carnations,carnation flower,pink and white carnation,still life,