Day 28 NanoPoblano

Today’s prompt is “something open”. Here is where I really want to cheat and just redirect you to an old post. But I won’t. The point of NanoPoblano is to write new content.

I have written new poetry and finished some paintings and started some others. To see my finished oil paintings, follow the link to my Instagram in the sidebar. To read my new poetry, follow this blog by email and you will see it as soon as I share it. The poem that I am sharing with this post is really old. I wrote it around 2010. It has not been easy for me to be open about my issues with anxiety. But because other bloggers and writers were open about their issues, I was able to find coping mechanisms and community. So I share in hopes that I might encourage someone who has yet to find a voice that they can relate to.


Screaming crying, praying out loud
Begging you to please, remove this cloud
Have mercy oh Lord, hear my plea
How long can I float upon this sea
I whisper and sob asking you please
This burden from me to ease
Take mercy oh God, on a sinner so small
Down this hallway, I can barely crawl
Pick me up, hold me tight
I can barely see the light
Without your strength I will surely fall
Up so high, can you hear my call
Your guidance is coming, soon it will appear
Then your Holy Spirit will be here
Take my hand, pull me up
Don’t make me drink from this cup
Your words so peaceful, fill my head
And now I lay me down to bed
Thank you God, so true, so fair
I always knew that you cared


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Day 22 National Blog Posting Month

I wrote this when I was pregnant. I wrote several “mom poems” when I was pregnant. I hope to one day put them in a book.

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I hope those of you who are American are enjoying your family today on Thanksgiving. Day 22 for the Somethingist Challenge was to be about “something lucky” but I don’t really believe in luck. God will bless me a little or a lot, but luck doesn’t have anything to do with it.


Bless Me

Let me be blessed
Let me be round with joy
Send your spirit and let me be fruitful
Let my house be full of noise
Of commotion and chaos
Toys, laughter, and clothes
Bless me with long nights
Filled with teddy bears and one more story
Let the fevers be few and the hugs many
Let help be near and fear far away
Give us patience to handle the blessings
Bless us greatly dear Lord

Day 6 NaHaiWriMo 2017

an open door
with no lock to shut it
God is my way maker


Today’s poem is a senryu, but it is all I could come up with. I kept thinking of verses out of the Bible. Today’s prompt was “a door” yesterday’s prompt was “beckoning.”

Do remember that haiku are usually not written in three sentence fragments, or one complete sentence. There is usually one fragment and a phrase in the other two lines. The fragment is separated by a kireji, or a cutting word. The word should be so strong that the reader takes a mental pause as they are reading your haiku. I am trying to accomplish this with my poetry this year in National Haiku Writing Month. 

If you would like to learn more, then go to my What is Haiku? page. Also, stop by the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work.

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Symanntha Renn

This Girl is Gonna

Dancing on the Devil’s Head
I’ve prayed long enuff
Now Ima gonna write a 
Sermon to the devil
This girl is gonna
Dance on the devil’s head
I feel the Holy Ghost risin’
The Spirit is fillin’ the room
No need to pout and doubt
I’ll just dance and sing
I feel the Spirit risin’
I dare him to shut me down
I’m going to dance ’til
The demons give up and flee
Walls will fall and men faint
But I will march on
I’ve prayed long enuff
It’s time to get off of my knees
And pick up a battle axe

  July 18,2015
A heartsoup prompt helped me grow this poem from 5 lines to what it is now.

Day 28

different styles
for different Sundays
winter birdsong

Please stop by the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. It would be nice of you to go to that page and click Like on people’s posts to encourage them in their writing.

Yesterday’s prompt was “zydeco” which is a musical instrument. My haiku was inspired by the change of an old song’s tempo at church yesterday.

Sorry it’s late! This weekend was fun, and then this Monday was the opposite of fun!

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Day 7 #NaHaWriMo

full glory of the sun

at the top of the cross

Jesus’ zenith

If you are unsure of the rules/definition/form of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page. Feel free to direct any friends there who may be unsure of what is happening in the poetry community this month. Today’s prompt is “zenith” which is the highest point reached by a celestial or other object.
Be sure to check out the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work!
Please consider sharing your friends and favorite blogger’s work this month. It is getting harder and harder to share on social media as all of the sites like Facebook now hide your posts, in hopes that you will pay to make them appear. So please subscribe to and follow me and any other poets that you like and check the hashtag #NaHaiWriMo on Twitter.
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Holy Relics

king tut's coffin outfit

Holy Relics

We search for
holy relics
thinking that if we
hold something holy
in our hands
that it will rub off
and we will be
acceptable in our
own sight as well
as others.

This was written for a prompt for #ntitle on Twitter.

Allow the River

river,gently flowing stream,
There is a River
There is a River
there is a God
there is a Hope.
Allow the River
to float you
to that Hope.
This little piece was inspired by an #ntitle prompt on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter for little ditties like this.

Strength Training

Thomas Hart Benton painting,back of a man,

Close up of Thomas Hart Benton painting.


People often surmise
there will be no work
in heaven
I think they’re in
for a surprise
this earthwork
is strength training

I wrote this for an #ntitle prompt on Twitter. I believe the prompt was earthwork and this is where I went with it.

Words |small stone poetry

stream,glowing water,

words are just words
until they come from
The Book
then they are The Word
and life-giving water

When do you think words become more special? When are words nothing?

My Faith is larger than the Hills

Emily wrote about her faith a lot, sometimes in roundabout ways. Do you write about your faith?


My Faith is larger than the Hills –

So when the Hills decay –

My Faith must take the Purple Wheel

To show the Sun the way –

‘Tis first He steps upon the Vane –

And then – upon the Hill –

And then abroad the World He go

To do his Golden Will –

And if His Yellow feet should miss –

The Bird would not arise –

The Flowers would slumber on their Stems –

No Bells have Paradise –

How dare I, therefore, stint a faith

On which so vast depends –

Lest Firmament should fail for me –

The Rivet in the Bands

Angels on Wandering Wednesday

clouds at sunset, clouds,

Fly or Die

Have angels ever felt love so sweet
Or only movement of air beneath their feet
We all want to have wings
To be free of the hurt love brings
People say angels are free to fly
But only humans are free to die

Another throwback. I wrote this as a teenager.

What is your thoughts on angels?