Day 17 NaHaiWriMo 2018

dad cutting the hay
playing dodgeball with the clouds
Murphy’s Law


Today’s prompt was “washing a car to make it rain” and I immediately thought of my dad. My mom’s dad used to call my mom during hay season and tell my mom “Hey, it hasn’t rained in a while, ask Dennis to cut some hay.” Then he would laugh because it never failed, if my dad cut the fescue to make hay, it would rain the next day even though the forecast said no rain. For those of you who don’t know, the plants that get cut for hay must lay and dry on the ground for around 2 days before you can roll them into bales. If it rains on the cut hay, it takes longer and you lose nutrients every day that it lays there. If it started raining during hay season, my Grandpa would call and ask if my dad had just cut hay. Then he would laugh when my mom said yes.

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Shrouded Spring

birds shrouded in mist
they chirp knowing spring is
but a cloud away


Spring looks like it has already arrived in much of the USA. How does your area look?

swarming birds,flock of black birds,migration,morning,

Day 28 NaHaiWriMo 2017

we say the flowers

are budding out too early

mother nature sighs


Today’s prompt was “nature” again. So I tried to write a haiku that was a comment on how climate change is making spring come sooner. What we call “too early” may be the new normal because of global warming.
Anyhow, this is my last poem for National Haiku Writing Month 2017. Be sure to check out the others and leave me a comment on your favorite haiku.

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Symanntha Renn

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Grass Haiku

american welcome,new grass,daffodils,front yard,

mist softens the earth
the earth lets grass spring up
recognizing the season



Recognize the season that you’re in, then embrace it.

Spring Haiku

red buds on a sapling,tree budding out,spring,tree in flowerbed,sapling in flowerbed,

leaves leave the flowerbed
noisily like running children
empty spring nursery

How is your spring going? Has the wind blown​ the old leaves away? Do you have any flowers coming up or will you have to go buy some for your yard? Yeah, I know spring happened a while back. It’s been a REALLY rough month. So I gave you two haiku today.

Hide and Seek Haiku

hiding amoung flowers

slugs and gnawing caterpillars

hide and seek in the spring

Hide and Seek was one of my favorite games as a kid, but playing it with slugs as an adult is not near as fun! What pests do you have in your garden or flowers?
caterpillar on Lucifer leaf, caterpillar crawling on plant,caterpillar in the morning sun,

Scarred Pear Tree Branches

bradford pear tree,tree trunk,scars on tree,

scarred pear tree branches
new buds sprout on old limbs
spring comes despite scars

I took this photo and then wrote the poem. That happens every now and then. Usually I have to hunt for the right photo, or wait to post a poem until I can get the right photograph, but this time the photograph inspired me. How often does that happen to you?

Schrodinger’s Tree

Schrodinger’s tree
alive or dead can’t tell
Spring opens the hand

All of my trees have survived the winter and started putting on blooms and leaves. I am so happy! What are you happy about this spring?
leaves sprouting on tree,new leaves,tree leaves,tree in the spring,

In Their First Year

establishing hollyhocks,young hollyhock

in their first year

hollyhocks look novel

waiting for this spring


So many things look small or insignificant in their first year. Do you have any plants that take a year or more to mature?

Haiku in a rhizome.

day lily,day lilies,rhizome
nakedly laying on the ground
somehow the rhizomes survived
I am pretty happy with this haiku. I am moving closer and closer to being able to write my haiku in one line. When Japanese poets wrote a haiku they wrote them in one line that was flush left. How is your writing going?

Rain and Snow in a Haiku

rain and snow
soften the earth
gardens bloom once more


So, have you gotten to take any fun pictures with the crazy weather that is happening all around the world? I took this one two springs ago. We got snow on May 3rd. It was the latest that snow had fallen in the Ozarks in 69 years.

snow in flowerbed, snow on flowers, flower in the snow

A haiku and an announcement.

moon in mist, cloudy night, moon in the clouds, moon with cloud, luna

the ice is off the trees
sinking into the mud
worm moon

Apparently the full moon that appears in March is known as the “Worm Moon” because this is the month that the worms come back out. The ice melts into the ground and makes the ground soft enough for them to poke through. I have seen a ton of them this last month, how about you? My flowers are all poking up through the ground, are yours?

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